Blog updates! (With the staleness of IVth Legion)

Just a quick update on things with the blog and what I’m planning for the next couple of months.

Iron Warriors retrospective series

Currently, I’m writing several retrospective posts on the Iron Warriors during the Horus Heresy, focusing on several books by several Black Library authors. Having recently listened to both the short audio drama ‘Perturabo: Stone and Iron’ and ‘The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Perturabo, The Hammer of Olympia’, I’ve been inspired to dedicate a whole week to write my thoughts and views on the Iron Warriors.

Whilst I don’t own all HH books relating to the Iron Warriors (including Tallarn series), I do however have enough to cover a week of posts. The series will be a spotlight on a legion that doesn’t get as much attention as other more well known legions like the Sons of Horus, Ultramarines, Blood Angels and the Emperors Children.

Each day, I’ll be focusing on one book which I’ll give my thoughts and views on. Below is a list of what books I’ll be researching on each day.

  • Angel Exterminatus, by Graham MacNeil
  • Perturabo: Stone and Iron, by Robbie MacNiven
  • The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Perturabo, The Hammer of Olympia, by Guy Haley
  • The Crimson Fist, by John French
  • The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Magnus the Red, Master of Prospero
  • The Iron Within, by Rob Sanders

The series won’t be up right now, however, I will let you guys know when the first post in the series will be posted. So keep your eyes peeled (and your iron anvils hot).

Skullfiend Tribe Collection, towards Path to Glory

As this post is published, I have now completed not only a fairly decent sized Skirmish force, but also finished my Khorne Bloodbound from the Thunder and Blood set. I’ll be featuring my current progress very soon on the blog, and there’s been a heck of an increase of painted models since my last post on the collection.

Whilst I could finish this faction collection right now, I’ve decided to boost the collection towards a sizeable Path to Glory warband. This way, I can play another game system if I want to play more mission based campaigns.

The Horus Heresy Character Series, painting [Redacted]

Recently, I’ve visited Warhammer World (which was absolutely amazing!), the place has really changed since I’ve last visited Nottingham in 2011. Whilst I was there, I was able to purchase a character from Forge Worlds Horus Heresy character series.

Whilst I’m not revealing what the model in question is yet, I can announce however, that I will be doing progress posts showing my progress with painting the model. The model is already cleaned, scrubbed and glued, so there will be a post coming out really soon!

I’m very excited to start this project as I’ve never had a Forge World kit before, so this will be a trial and error attempt!

I’ve watched a YouTuber called Leakycheese, who does videos on Warhammer 30k/ 40k models. I’d totally recommend watching his How-to guides on preparing resin kits, and the positive and negative points of Forge World model kits. Thanks to his wisdom and advice on building resin kits, my model went well (I just hope spray painting goes well though).


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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