When faith in unity makes us stronger

My last post featured my current progress on my Skullfiend Tribe for my Khorne Bloodbound collection. This time, I wanted to show my current progress on my Stormcast Eternals (Knights Excelsior stormhost), also from the Thunder and Blood starter set. Enjoy!

led by Liberator-Prime Kronis, Warden of the Underlevels, the retinue wear armour of pure white to signify their devotion to cleansing the corrupted. The blood covers their armour as a sign of their eagerness to do battle up close, as well as a darker story behind their deeds of ‘purification’.

For those of you who don’t know who Kronis is, he was featured in one of the Malign Portents short stories, Reapers Revelation story 13. He guards the underleves of the Consecralium, an underground prison in Excelsis that he is tasked with guarding. Cerrus Sentanus, the White Reaper, is a Lord Veritant (witch hunters and specialisation in seeking out corrupted magic users), who in the story, interrogates a Soulblight vampire for information.

The short story, along with previous story’s connected to the Knights Excelsior were inspiring to read. Unlike the Hammers of Sigmar, the Knights Excelsior are good nonetheless in their intentions to smite chaos’s corruption, however they can be easily be too devoted in their extreme actions to purge even the sick that can be easily cured.

Next up s my Palladin Retributor, clad in the thickest of Sigmarite armour. The Knights Excelsior colour scheme I’ve used for my collection has been fairly simple but great results, when used for the Palladin, it looks even better!

I plan to get two more Retributors done once I’ve finally got myself a new bottle of Reikland Fleshtone, as I’ve ran out of shade for a week now (longest delay for ink in ages!).

Finally, we have the Lord-Relictor by the name of Morticar. I’ve decided to use a spare woodelves hood rather than the skull helmet, as I wanted to the model to look more like a Priest of faith mystery rather than just a warrior.

Currently, this model will be leading my warband for Skirmish, as I don’t have a Lord-Veritant yet to represent the White Reaper. Narrative wise, I can imagine Kronis and his men are separated during battle (or trapped in Shadespire by magic logic) by the affects of the Malign portents.


Thank you for reading my second collection in progress post, it’s great to share these kinds of post to you guys and read your comments. If you have any suggestions or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Before I finish off typing this post, I have an important announcement to make!

Visiting Warhammer World

After many years since I’ve last visited, I’m going to be visiting Warhammer world this weekend!

It’s been a very long time since I’d visited Warhammer World, not since 2010-11 have I visited the home of the hobby. This trip will be important as I’m excited to see the changes to the building, as well as of course an updated museum display to look at!

This will also be my first time in purchasing a Forge World kit, as I’ve never ordered any kits online from Forge World. So I’m very optimistic to see what kits will grab my hobby heart strings (that Perturabo model would be a dream to own).

Anyways, now that the gushing is over, I will be making a special post on my journey to Warhammer world and what it’s like to visit. Photos might be added, depending on wether I can take photos of display models if it’s allowed. Any advice or suggestions will be very helpful!


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