And the winner is…….(late announcement)

With a lot of stuff behind the scenes lately, I was late to announce about the winning vote for what chapter I should paint my old Space marine collection. With two votes in total, it was a hard pick between the Nova marines, and the Ultramarines, both being owned by Robute Guilliman.

So who’s the winning chapter?


It’s been a tough choice but I have to go for the Nova marines, as their armour livery is quite intriguing as well as their lore. Whilst the Ultramarines are a really good chapter to start a hobby project, I felt that the chapter is too well known compared to their successor chapter.

Thank you to everyone who contributed by voting last month. I know this post was pretty late, however, I’ve had a lot going on for the past two weeks with my dogs health (he’s in good health now though thankfully).

In the next couple of months time, I will be starting my Nova marines collection series using my unused and old terribly painted models. Expect to see the first post go up either next month or the month after that!

Until next time,


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