First day painting at my local GW

(Before I talk about my thoughts on my first day painting at my local GW, I would like to update you guys on yesterday’s post. After re-editing existing posts that were affected (see previous post if you haven’t yet), I can now officially say that everything is back to the usual progress.) 

Today I’ve attended my first painting session at my local GW store, something I thought I would never be able to do. My social anxiety has been a thorn at my side for a really long time since my teenage years, this was due to me being in very negative social circles and depressing younger days at school. This has affected me in a lot of ways, mostly because I don’t have a lot of friends or social colleagues to meet and socialise with. In recent years I’ve tried to break this cycle by trying different way to communicate with my colleagues at college, however, that ended up being a dead end. 

Only recently have I been trying to push myself to build up my confidence to go to my local GW, and be involved with the gaming community. Wether it’s just painting my models or playing casual games of 40k/ AoS, just being there to get involved would be a big step for me to be more sociable with like minded hobbyists.

Today would finally be the day that I pushed back my anxiety and went in my local store to paint some models. I’ve had a really good time painting in the store, whilst there wasn’t much people to talk to apart from the manager. From my painting session, I was able to paint the base layer and highlights for my bike squad for my Black Templars collection. Whilst I can’t show you guys a picture of the squad for now (due to the models looking untidy), I will be posting a pic of the squad tomorrow.

Overal, it’s been a really fun experience painting at my local GW, which has helped my confidence after this visit. Although I wasn’t able to find anyone who would be interested in a game of 40k 8th edition. Funnily enough, the store is actually same store that I visited when I first got into the hobby eight years ago. Times have changed for the store over the years (shame they don’t have the Ork Stompa on display anymore, that model was a marvel to look at).

Anyways, back to the subject, I’ve had a great time visiting my local GW store again to get back into the social aspect of the hobby. Hopefully, if things improve for my confidence, as well as finding an opponent for AoS/ 40k, I’ll be able to do some written battle reports in the future!

Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you guys next time!


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