Blog post update

Well, I think I might have made a big mess up. You guys might have noticed that a few of my recent posts have lost media photos from blog posts including my Black Templars collection and my Flesh-Eater Courts post. This was sadly due to my inability in thinking that removing unused media photos that I didn’t need to use anymore, from the media option would retain the attached photos on the posts. Which resulted in deleting the photos from the post that I’ve attached to.

Thankfully it’s nothing too major to worry about, but it’s still disappointing that I’ve lost photo progress from past posts. All the posts that are affected will be updated. I apologise for this error.

Hopefully things should be running as normal once I’ve updated all the affected post by tomorrow (gah more work šŸ˜‘)

On the bright side, I’ll be doing a blog post on my first day painting at my local GW. I’m excited to see how it goes, hopefully I’ll be able to find soneone to play 8th edition with if I’m lucky!


Anyways, I hope this post wasn’t too depressing to read. Have a fantastic day guys!



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