Husk, single eye

Since halloween is coming soon, I thought I’d use my novice skills at digital art to create a few pictures leading up to Halloween.

The art piece was inspired by my older sketch drawings of creatures that I used to draw whilst I was still at school, it was during a difficult time in my life when I lost faith and trust in people. I would put my anxiety and sadness into my drawings, sort of like getting stress off my shoulders.

The pictures themselves looked childish and terrible (the proportions on character designs were bad tbh lol), but it helped me nonetheless to take my mind off things. I would eventually find my way in life to move on from the people I once trusted, moving on to rebuild myself as an individual.

I always liked artwork that doesn’t    necessarily have the answers, but asks the viewer to give their interpretation on how the picture makes them expressively feel. To me, I want my art to never have a definitive answer, but instead welcome people’s views for how they see it. Wether the viewer sees the picture for its visual representation, or its creators own psychology on he/she’s work, it’s neither right nor wrong.

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