Hobby update!

I’ve made some progress on my three Blood warriors, I’ve got them all basecoated, and painted the icon bearer (nearly completed). Wait a minute, he’s got a bolt pistol?

That’s right, he’s been kit bashed to look like a real butcher, Bezerker  marine! I felt it would have been more sensible to get the ten man unit set of Blood warriors for my Khorne Bloodbound, rather than a five man unit. With this decision,  I’ve decided to kit bash my icon bearer into a World Eater marine, (which looks awesome! 😉 ) that will be in a troop unit (since my lord is marked of Khorne in my Word Bearers Warband).

Compared to the current Bezerker marines set, the kit bashed model looks a lot more  menacing and in motion in his pose. I’m hoping to get the other two marines painted, with an additional two marines to complete the unit.

What will happen to my Bloodbound Warband? Well their still a thing, I’ve got the battalion warscroll called ‘Dark feast’, which will be a fun little Warband to use. Beside that will be my unit of Blood warriors and my Lord of Khorne as the final additions to the Warband. 

Finally, on a different subject matter, I’ve made my plans on what I’ll need for my Flesh-Eater courts army. This will be elaborated on its own post later on this afternoon, where I’ll explain what the plan is.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

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