Fancy new bio pigeon

After much work on what my Tyranid models will be painted in, I’ve finally got a good colour scheme. I’ve used the colour guide from the Stormcast Eternals painting book, using the Celestial Warbringers armour coating. 

I’ve used Drakenhoff nightshade as my shade, rather than the guides suggestive shade colour. This gives the model a dark purple skin tone, like dark liver flesh.

As for the Carapace, I used greens to contrast its skin, making the model stand out with its bright colours. As for the wings, I simply applied acrylic black basecoat, with a final drybrushing of acrylic White to raise highlighted areas. The only part I need to paint now is it’s bio gun, not sure what colours to paint on it though.

(Here she is, my pretty Gargoyle paint test model)

Now, let’s compare this incarnation to its seven year old predecessor! 

Yup, a clear difference here, the model on the left is an attempt at painting a Hive Leviathan Gargoyle. On the right is my updated painting standard for the kit.

My plan now is to get the KillTeam rule book, since I’ve decided that it’ll be best keeping my Tyranid force small as a soft project. This is because I’m fully committed to getting my Warhammer AoS armies all painted and to be used for games. 

Although my Tyranids will be slowly built up once I feel confident at playing 40k rules again. 

If you have any Questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

[Note: locations and characters including- Tyranids/ Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Hive Leviathan are owned by Games Workshop. This is a hobby post only.]

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