War of Ghyran part 1: The Wormhole gate (2/2)

Welcome to part two of the Wormhole gate in the War of Ghyran campagin!

This time we see the battle in full steam, as the Whitebark Clan surprise attack Clan Skelnix’s attempt at their ritual. Who will win the first battle for the frontier? 

I present the Wormhole Gate part two, enjoy!


The World-that-was: The end

Finally, the door way to sanctuary is here! I’ll be safe here, away from this dying world forever, to make new plans yes-yes. Make a new world for the glory of the Horned Rat, his world in Pestilens. 

I tricked all my kin so that I may leave alive, they would do little to be of any use. Too simple minded to understand the concept of rebuilding the Pestilens path, too thick-thick. 

I’m about to enter the gate, to leave this befallen land to my new world. Wait, who, what….! Who are you? Wait!………..

– Verminlord Corrupter Sektretch, last words before taken into oblivion by The Horned Rat.


Present day: Realm of Ghyran, Tree lord Duke Cuirithir counter attack

It happend from out of the blue, a Warband force of Sylvaneth came out from the forest like shades in the shadow. Their leader, Treelord Duke Cuirithir roared his oaken lungs as a war cry that he used to challenge the enemy. he came out of the left side of the forest, keeping his distance from nearby Skaven.

On the right side, The Tree Revenants came as a honoury guard, followed by their second in command Treelord Guardian Alduinian. They came in with stern determination to swipe away anything that’s in their path, and tear down the ritual before it too late.

A swarm of giant rats came charging into Duke Cuirithir, but they were inevitably been stomped into a meat paste. A second group of giant rats charged at Guardian Alduinian, but they met the same fate as well. The attack seemed cowardly, even more cowardly than usual for the wretched rat-thing standard. Something wasn’t right.

Suddenly, on the scaffolding that’s blocking the path to the ritual architecture, an armoured Rat came climbed on to of the scaffolding. He laughed madly as he sent a missile wizzing from his gauntlet into the Tree Revenant unit. A few died, but stayed strong from the attack.

They tried to rip him apart with their blades, but they only graze wound the wizard. In return, he casted a small warpstorm, ripping apart the resilient warriors into nothing more than atomised charcol. The war started to favour the Clan Skelnix, the ritual is now half completion. 

Treelord Guardian Alduinian roared in rage as his kin were crushed by the small warpstorm. He saw the wretched rat smirk in joy as the brave warriors died, like they did in the World-that-was. He charged in, swinging his Talons at the wizard in rageful outbursts.

Letrix went into a crazy fits of insanity as he clenched his paw, summoning a warpstorm by the arcane knowledge of Skaven magic. He felt the flow of the spell coursing through his warped engine power armour, fueling the spell to full capacity. The pressure of the spells magnitude made Letrix chatter madly, as if it was winter.

The Treelord saw the rat-thing commence his spell, and decided that it should strike at the thing before the spell could be unleashed. Using its sharp talon, the Treelord came close to striking the rat-things beating heart. But sadly, the mad Arch-Warlock was too cunning for the Treelord, and unleashed its spell. A warpstorm appeared like a dark green gargantuan twister, summoned from the cracks of the void.
It shredded the iron oak from the Treelords skin, making it vunrable to penetrate with ease. Tossing him into the air like a ragdoll, the Treelord roared into the sky. As he got higher and higher, it was hit by flying derby in the warpstorm. Then, all of a sudden the storm disappears, without the acceleration of the storm, the wounded Treelord fell back down to the ground with a thud.
The Sylvaneth guardian could regenerate itself easily, but even then it knew that the mad rat-thing would end it before it could have the chance. Unless……it could maybe impale it with enough willpower from the spirits! The forest spirits whispered into the Treelords mind, building his strength to finally put an end to this wretched rat-thing.

Letrix came up to the Treelord, looking at it with a satisfaction as it laid on the ground with exhaustion. He aimed his warplock pistol at the Sylvaneth creature, claw ready to pull the trigger. “Time to burn stick-stick thing, hehehehe!” Said the crazy Arch warlock as he was about to fire.

Suddenly, the Treelord roared as he summoned the earth to rumble, like a sudden earth quake from the undergrowth. Then a mass bundle of sharp roots from the ground came shooting out, aiming straight for the cold fearful gaze of the Arch-Warlocks beating heart!

Letrix’ heart stopped beating as the pireced wound dripped constantly. He dropped his warplock pistol, he gurgled with blood as he was released from the air, and fell through the scaffolding. A loud thud came, as the rat laid on the floor, in puddles of his own blood.
Just as Treelord Alduinian sighed in relief for his killing blow, he felt a sharp pain through his chest. He looked down to see that a throwing star had pireced through his oaken skin. As he turned, he saw three shadowy rats in cloaks of shadows throwing their stars at him.

He realised, that the wizard was a decoy, merely a means to an end for the assassins to kill him when he wasn’t looking. As the third wave of stars flew, it pierced his vital organs with effective precision. He fell with a frown of pain as the wound was too much to ignore. The Treelord fainted on the battlefield, to weak to fight on for his kin.

The Greyseer however was watching the battle on top of his bell, when he should be in the fight itself! He sat on the Screaming Bell eating some warp, nuggets as if he was spectating a coliseum battle. The Stormvermin were tired of the stalling, they wanted to join the fight and win new trophies. But alas, they were told by Scarus to guard the bell, so they stayed in agony at the expense of a lunatic seer on warpstone.

Meanwhile, the fullcrux of the ritual was about to be completed, as Cuirithir knew all to well that he failed. The Warlords energy was absorbed into a gem of warpstone, shining brightly in the dusk of sun set. 

The Treelord roared in rage, for he had lost this battle against the enemy, and must brunt the shame on his shoulders. He left, seeing no reason to stay and die in vain, he went towards to his fallen kin, and dragged Alduinian away from the battlefield. 

As he left, a small leaf fluttered in front of him. He outstretched his hand as the leaf landed on his oak palm. The leaf was amber orange like sun set, it was dying on his palm. “Chaos is poisoning the the glade…..” he thought as he strided on into the darkness of the forest, his eyes flared bright with pure rage. He will make sure the next battle will see the rat-things decimated into nothingness.


At the ritual Wormhole gate

Scarus laughed his chittering teeth loudly as the gate imploded into itself, revealing a sickly red veil that faintly outlined a tall tower in the veils distance. He heard a cacophony of millions of rats pouring out of the gate, like a wave of living flesh.

As the minions exited the Wormhole, a humongous creature exited the gate. A demigod of mass proportion overshadowed Scarus like a titan, walking the realm of mortals. This demigod was none other than the wise Corrupter himself, Sektretch!

Scarus turned to see his master, and bowed to him immediately in prayer. “Master, we have secured a frontier as you requested. Many have died, but we held firm-firm” said Scarus with a grin on his wretched face. Sektretch looked at his underling with satisfaction, he had seen the battle himself through his veil orb. “Well done Right Claw” said Sektretch in a deep raspy voice. “You have completed the first of many tasks, though I’d thought that you yourself would of at least tried to fight alongside your warriors. But none of less, I’m surprised of your achievement, Scarus”.

Scarus hailed this as a sign that he was getting closer to his goal, a step close to being the next successor. But right now, he needed to take the Sylvaneth glade hold for his master, and see to it that the Treelord Ancient was destroyed for good!

Next chapter: War of Ghyran part 2- Defence of the Spirit stones.


[Note: Characters and locations including: Ghyran/ Ghur/ Skaven/ Sylvaneth/ Treelord Ancient/ Verminlord/ The horned Rat/ Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Arch-Warlock are owned by Games Workshop. This post is a fanfiction based post only.]

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