Fallout Wasteland Warfare- New Vegas: Planning

My boxing talent is my poetry. Passed down the generation since my pa along with the tribe left Vault 34 fifty years ago. The Boomers are the inherited of the sky; for we are the settlers of the  once great and powerful American Air Force. Our fortitude and resilience are like our fortified defences at Nellis Air force Base. Our offensive capabilities are the fury that strike down the foolish trespassers, as they tear our enemies to tatters. As for myself? I’m the roaring thunder!!! My booming voice, my mountainous personality, my fists are as hard as iron and my charms could make even the most stubborn person drop their Guard. They call me the Dynamite for a reason!

Brian Smith ‘The Dynamite’ during his last acting performance at the Hanger.

I’ve been working very hard on my FWW New Vegas for some time now. Building and painting scenery from scratch (and reusing pre made one’s too) from various environmental settings from natural to urban. It took some time, but the long effort was worth it when it all came together on the tabletop.

On top of that I’ve taken some time to build a narrative story set during the events of Fallout New Vegas. Building my protagonist basic bio and goal for the narrative quest. I had to do a lot of planning on the journey, geography locations, prime locations and secondary locations.

For this post I’ll go over my processes and ideas for my FWW New Vegas project. From the gaming table to character creation.

Building the Mojave

When starting my Mojave inspired tabletop I needed to start with a board. A 2×3 board for a skirmish scaled game fit for FWW. Once I got the board I painted it in desert colours, but not too vibrant as I wanted the scenery to blend in with the environment.

Table board ready for wargaming

I also wanted to make the board not just for FWW as it could fit for other settings: like 40k, AoS or any other tabletop wargaming system. I don’t have a lot of scenery made for AoS and 40k, but some the scenery and terrain I’ve made so far can be used for those settings.

Anyways back to the main subject. With the board done I did a variety of scenery to fit as closely to FNV setting. Whilst I can’t accurately recreate everything as shown in the game, the aim was to create a versatile gaming table that faithfully represents the dry hot Mojave desert.

Once I’ve got a few more scenery builds done I can move on to MDF scenery, something I’ve been meaning to try out for some time now.

If you want to see more of my scenery and terrain work, you can check out my stuff on Instagram where I regularly update my hobby progress on BjornStormcast (I know I know, not an original name haha! I’ll probably change it soon to something more original).


FWW is a Fallout fans dream where you can create and play your own story. Want to do a settlement mode as the Minutmen, making the faction the lawful protectors of the Commonwealth with a shady darkside? Make a campaign story where you play the Enclave on a mission to reclaim the USA one settlement at a time? Or go complete off the norm as you play a Supermutant warband hunting down humans to take back as FEV subjects? Anything is possible!

For my first FWW New Vegas campagin story I wanted to try something different. Rather than playing a small group of fightsrs or play a major faction on the frontlines, I decided to go for a personal story that will overtime evolve into it’s own tale.

To start off my planning and preparation work I needed to decide who my character should be, their bio and goals, where they came from and my inspiration behind my character.

Having built my own OC awhile back on a fairly brief goal of creating a unique person who’s from Vault 34. He’s also Suited in T-45 power armour in the colours of Vault Tec.

Brian Smith, along with Mr Gutsy ‘Katherine’ face off against a Supermutant.

With the miniature done I needed to build the character’s identity and goal. So first of all I needed to research the lore on Vault 34 through official sources. First played Fallout New Vegas to understand the Vault 34 Boomers, who’s who, the location, their history and their goals as a sub faction. Then I watched a few Fallout YouTube lore channels to absorb information and take notes.

Later on I decided that I would get my hands on an old Fallout New Vegas gaming guide. A source of information full of inspirational content and a must have for any FWW hobbyist who want to set their games in the Mojave. The book proved most useful in my research, not just the Boomers.

Second hand gaming guide, a useful source of information on factions, quests, location map drawings and much more!

When creating my character I decided to base him on a few ideas and themes I wanted for the character:

  • The character is very much influenced by the personality of Brian Blessed.
  • Brian Smith ‘The Dynamite’ is my way of referencing the great Brian Blessed, the first name is of course the same, the second a reference to P.C Fancy Smith and The Dynamite is in reference to Brian’s nickname as ‘The Dynamite Kid’.
  • His power armour was given to him by his late father, who along with other Boomers went to Area 2 and an old military outpost to collect ammunition and weapons for Nellis.
  • Story themes around the Boomers logic, the debate on openess vs isolation and the consequences of extreme ends of those sides.

Over time my character will evolve and developed into his own personality. Of course there’s plenty of more characters to create, play and develop in games of FWW. My current project is another block to my expanding collection of FWW miniatures.

NCR Patrol just recently cleaned and built.

3 thoughts on “Fallout Wasteland Warfare- New Vegas: Planning

    1. Thanks! 😀
      I’ve only just started collecting the New Vegas line from Modiphius, I’ve got awhile yet to go haha.

      I’ll be posting on insta (and possibly on here too) about my NCR Patrol as well as an update on the narrative campaign.

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      1. I have so many Fallout 4 minis to get and paint up that I figure it will be a while before I get to New Vegas. I look forward to seeing what you do next both on here and Insta 🙂

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