United for Manchester 

As you’ve all noticed yesterday, I’ve not posted anything for this weeks schedule. The reason why there’s been no post this week is due to two reasons, one being that I haven’t painted as the weather is too hot to do painting. The second reason is because I didn’t want to post anything this weekend after the tragic event in Manchester, I felt it was best that I leave this weekend quiet in respect and remeberance of those who have died in the Manchester bombing.

Whilst many will say that my choice for not posting hobby posts this weekend was unecssary and unrelated, I do feel however that it would be disrespectful of me to not pay my respects to the people of Manchester.

Today, I hope we can stand united as a community and pray for the lives that were lost not just this week, but all lives that were tragically taken away from our friends, family’s and colleagues.

Love and peace to you all,