Who are the Aaronoughts?

photo frame and college was made using Photo Collage app. Good question. The Aaronoughts are a band of misfit warriors who have banded together in search of Sigmars Golden Fleece (or fancy Sigmarite cape for those who pray to our gracious god king). The members of the warband come from different realms and races, includingContinue reading “Who are the Aaronoughts?”

Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen

The Chosen are veteran marines who have seen many battlefields and the slaughter that follows from their bolter and blade. Unlike most Chaos Space marines, the Chosen are well versed in combat, arming themselves with rare and finer weaponry than the renegade marines. For my Chosen, I’ve kitbashed mine using the Chaos Warriors kit mixedContinue reading “Dark millennium faction collection: Harbinger Legion- Chosen”

What’s coming up in 2017!

A bit late for hobby resolutions, but I plan these things before I make any concrete decisions. 2016 was a year of challenges for me, from keeping consistent with my course work, to deciding who to vote for in the EU Referendum, pushing my hobby skills to another level and finally, getting as much tableContinue reading “What’s coming up in 2017!”