By Tharg it’s more 2,000AD comics!

Here’s my latest 2,000AD findings that I promised to show months ago, including a two very special progs that I’ll explain later on.

Thank god I found this at a comic store by chance as I’ve been meaning to continue reading the A.B.C Warriors storyline. This book covers the second half of The Black Hole and the next story arc involving Deadlocks quest to spread Khaos. I’m crossing my fingers that’ll find volume three and continue reading the Warriors adventures.

As a show of gratitude to the comic store owner who runs a small stand in an indoor market, I gave him all of my DC collection (full paperback and one hardback books) mostly New52 for a good deal. Whilst I only got £10 from a stack of eleven paperback comics, I thought it was fair enough as I wouldn’t have gotten a deal like that anywhere else. Hopefully the new stock should keep his store going in the market.

About a month or two ago I was out at my usual carboot sale visit, unfortunately I couldn’t find anything as no one had items that I wanted. Although I did grab a book at an antiques shop which was a Micheal Moorcock book, his Corum trilogy which I very much enjoyed (keep your eyes out for a post on my thoughts on the Corum trilogy!).

However, I did finally find something that took my interest in form of an annual book by 2,000AD. This book has some of the best annual stories I’ve read including one of my favourite Rouge Trooper stories. Oh and it’s got a Flesh story that’s gruesome and brilliantly drawn too.

During two months when my local charity book shop had loads of 2,000AD comics, I would grab two or three comics twice a week to collect as much as I can before they were gone. I got a few issues from the 90’s, a time that most 2,000AD fans of old will remember as the low years of the publications history.

Despite the controversy and bs that nearly killed the franchise, there were still some awesome stories like Sláine, the return of Judge Death, Judge Dredd on trial for War crimes against East Meg and loads more.

Now call me a whiny critic if you want but I prefer 2,000AD of Old when the art wasn’t so over reliant on digital art. I’m more drawn to old issues of the comic than today’s prints, as in all honesty I feel like the quality has gone down in terms of artwork. However, stuff like Sláine, A.B.C Warriors, Judge Dredd and Judge Deaths spin off series (the one where he sets off a load of nuclear warheads to Las Vegas) are series that use digital art very well.

I think it’s a matter of presentation and effort that goes into illustrating prog stories that I care about most.if it’s rushed and too simple, I’d be less interested in buying it, but if it’s done with care and looks interesting, you’ve got me.This issue is not only a great encyclopaedia for characters and story arcs for various franchises of 2,000AD, but it also has a section dedicated to Simon Bisley and his story of how he became an artist working for the comic.

A.B.C Warriors, I can’t stop collecting these!

This issue is quite a special one for me as it’s actually the issue that got me into 2,000AD comics many years ago. Now my original copy was lost when I was very young, and I forgot what the prog was so I had no way of referring where I started off. The only things I knew of where I started was a distinct memory of a one eyed badass with a Mohawk and a big gun, a train wreck by a giant alien and the Mohawk guy in a bar (strange memories right?).

Well when I found this prog I had a strange feeling that I remembered this prog a long time ago. When I flicked through it I instantly knew this was the one, it had everything that I remembered vaguely from my childhood.

So for those of you who have read my past 2,000AD posts, this was the prog I started off from!

Another annual this time being a Judge Dredd one from the early 80’s, not too long since 2,000AD started in the late 70’s. This book is a great book that has an inside look into how Judge Dredd was created and a reprint of his first story. There’s some juicy lore about Mega city one, map of the USA after the nuclear war and even a test to see if you’d make it as a Judge!

Finally the crowning finding of them all is prog 2,000, a time when 2,000AD was hitting hard times, controversy of misogyny advertisements (and a short lived prog series of I remembered rightly), a management who was disconnected to the fans and what seemed to be the end of the Galaxys greatest comic.

Prog 2,000 is special for many reasons as it was the prog that featured the last ever Nemesis the Warlock story, a 100 page prog that including a wide array of stories, fan letters that even today speak of the times of unknown of 2,000AD’s future.

It’s fitting that this issue although it may not be as amazing as the Apocalypse War saga, as bold as Zenith, as political as America story, as shocking as Flesh or even as thrilling as Savage. It does however demonstrate the endurance and journey that 2,000AD had went on during its 20 year journey at that time.

A British comic that was not about superhero’s, boring tropes and talking alien goats. 2,000AD was about kicking the establishments balls (metaphorically) and saying “F@£k you!” in fun but subtle political satire stories that are still relevant to this day.

As I’d like to quote my favourite 2,000AD prog series, the A.B.C Warriors (written by Pat Mills).

“Spread the Word!”

Until next time,



WIP Chaos Siege Giant

Well, this was an unexpected but certainly worth the change! Originally I had planned to kitbash a Bloodthirster using the Fire Giant model from the D&D Wizkid model range. The wings I had spare didn’t look right when I was choosing the bitz to test out, the Exalted Daemon theme wasn’t going to work for this model.

After looking around the Warscroll app for inspiration, I came across the Chaos Siege Giant, a perfect fit for my armoured giant model! So I did some kitbashing to give the model a ‘Warhammer AoS’ aesthetic to make it look as though it would fit with the rest of the collection.

This is what I ended up creating as a result……..

Looks stunning, just jaw dropping for me to be honest. For just £15 this model is pretty decent to use as a substitute model. However, since it’s monopose and has the issue of bent parts (same as with any model in this range by D&D Wizkid range) that’s a drawback that can be seen. I can’t fix the issue as I’m very inexperienced at readjusting parts, so I’ll make some sort of excuse that it’s a bent weapon.

This Giant is what I call a ‘Magmadroth Slayer’, a Chaos Siege Giant who wears the hide of a slain Magmadroth and improvised it as armour.

Maybe I’ve been playing too much Dark Souls, but this model would look just right as a mini boss for the game. I’m pretty glad I got this model as it’s a great template for any Giant model to kitbash.

I’ll be posting the finished result very soon!

Until next time,


Slaughterpriestess and Aspiring Slaughterpriestess

My final two Gorechosen are here, this time being two substitute Slaughterpriests using D&D Wizkid kit of a Hag and a Death Hag. I really liked the Death Hag model as it fits perfectly as a female Slaughterpriest, a tall, evil, bloody and ruthless priest holding up her prize.

The Hag whilst being very small in scale looked equally menacing, although I might use her for something else if I decided to do a Chaos Dwarf as my eighth Gorechosen instead. But for now I’ll use her as the eighth Gorechosen, an Aspiring Slaughterpriestess as I’d like to call her.

Recently I’ve decided to do a unit of 5x Chaos Knights instead of 6x Skullcrushers as I’ve got a decent small pool of Slaves to Darkness including a unit of Khorne Chaos Warriors and a Warshrine of Khorne. So having a unit of Chaos Knights will fit into a small but diverse allies to the Bloodbound of Khorne. If I do get a kit of two Dwarfs from Wizkid D&D, I might make one a Slaughterpriest/ or Aspiring Deathbringer and the other as a Sorcerer/ or Chaos Lord. Then at least my Slaves to Darkness have a leader of sorts.

As mentioned earlier, I’m working on my 5x Chaos Knights that I’m painting WIP, I’ve still got to paint 20x Bloodreavers (if only contrast paints existed a year ago….) and finally I might possibly substitute a D&D Wizkid Giant model into a Bloodthister of Khorne.

Until next time,


The Dark Angel Primaris

I did this diorama model as a 10th anniversary for my tabletop hobby after reaching my tenth year in February.

This was also done in memory of my friend, Leo. A dog with no manners, very greedy for anything that’s food related and always distracted me (when I used to paint at the kitchen table) so he can steal the paint covered kitchen papers. However, he has been there for me when most can’t even relate to me. He’s never betrayed me or used me for agenda or self serving needs (well, the food is a compromise I guess…..).

Ive looked after him throughout my childhood and early adult days as we both grew older, any sign of illness or abnormalities and I’d be asking my parents about it in a flash. He took care of me when I had no friends who I could talk to, or express to about my worries and anxiety.

I thought he’d be stubborn enough to live on until he peacefully passed away in his favourite place by the rug near the coal fire. His place where he could move on peacefully.

But even he couldn’t get that, even my vigilance for his health wasn’t enough. Before he went, I thought he’d be okay, even when the facts were thrown at me that his mental health was deteriorating. I just had the feeling that he’d recover, I pat his back before he left the house one last time to be taken to the vets.

But he was lost, he wasn’t himself anymore as he had strokes twice in that day. I didn’t even get to fulfil my promise to him that I’d be there for him before he passes away.

It’s nearly a year now since he passed away on May 30th. I don’t feel as good as I used to be when Leo was around in my life, the loyalty he gave to me was something I’ve never had with any friendships in my life.

So I wanted to dedicate this painted model to him (although he’d think it was some sort of snack), as a way of showing that I still remember him and to show my gratefulness to his loyalty.


Even more Khorne

More Khorne Bloodbound today!

I’m so very close to finishing this project now, so close to finally have a long going project done. I have two hero models painted today including a Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut and a Skullgrinder, both being kitbashed to look unique in my collection of devoted berserkers to Khorne.

Lord of Khorne on a Juggernaut kitbashed from various Chaos/ Khorne kits and a metal helmed Cold One head from the Mallus Darkblade Model. I’ll be substituting this as a Juggernaut mount, which pretty much looks the part as a Bloodbound leader.

Skullgrinder using bitz from various Khorne Bloodbound kits. Is he/she a mortal or Daemon?

An updated progress on my Warshrine of Khorne using various bitz from Warhammer Fantasy Battles kits and Warhammer AoS kits. The floaty pillar is almost complete, just needs a spray Basecoat and paint.

All that’s left now is the Warshrine of Khorne, 20x Blood Reavers, 6x Mighty Skullcrushers, two more Gorechosen and possibly a substitute Bloodthister. Then that’ll be it for a 3,000pt collection from a two-three year long project.

Once I get my last two Gorechosen and paint my Warshrine, I’ll update my progress on the blog.

Until next time,


Primaris marines

Recently I found an issue of Warhammer Conquest at a local newsagent, three in fact too! One being some paints, another a scenery sprue (the easy build one) and a set of sergeants and a captain in Gravis armour. I knew which one I wanted!

So I’m working on some small diorama projects that won’t be part of any existing Space marine collection, as I don’t think the models will be useful for my Crimson Fists and Black Templars. Having these miniatures as side projects will be more fun trying out new chapter colour schemes.

Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, Spears of the Emperor chapter

Primaris Lieutenant in Gravis armour, Dark Angels Chapter.

I’ve got two more models to build, one being a Primaris Intercessors sergeant for the Carcharodons chapter and an undecided Primaris model to build.

Until next time,