Fleetmaster Tallinia the Blood Witch of the Sea

I had some spare unused Black Ark Corsairs (which would have been added to my current unit to 40 models, but I got too keen on kitbashing some years ago) and decided to kitbash one as my Fleetmaster. Since the current plastic kit is not on shelves and online only, I took this as an opportunity to create my own.

I wanted my Fleetmaster to have hints of a past life as Witch Elf Who is now an outcast of her cult, and became something more as a fearsome and ill tempered pirate. These hints include her dyed white hair having blood dye on the right, and her face having many ritual scars from her Cult days.

To make the model look more unique and female, I used a spare head from the Sisters of Silence kit which has some of the best female head sculpts by GW. For the chest I used a spare shoulder plate from a Kharadron Overlords set, which I glued onto the model as if the armour was master crafted (not by Dwarfs). Finally, I used a spare Dark Eldar part to the left hand side of the model as I liked the sleek design of the weapon and armour.

And that’s nearly it for my Pirate side of my Dark Elves army, only ten more Black Ark Corsairs to add to my current unit before I’m done with the pirates.

Should I do use a pirate pun for my last pirate Elves post?


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The Black Arks set sail

Finally, another unit from my Dark Elves collection is painted and ready to use for games using the Warhammer Legends rules. The Black Ark Corsairs were my first ever model kit starting out for Warhammer Fantasy Battles many years ago. Now, after some additional models were added, then neglected for years and now finally rebased and painted.

So far I’ve painted twenty Corsairs and ten left still to paint, although twenty is a healthy unit size to play. The last ten may be added if I can find another ten spare circle bases for rebasing.

I’m honestly amazed at the effort I’m making now to get this 9 year project done, there’s not much left to do apart from 20x Spearmen and 15x Cold one Knights. So far I got five Cold one Knights rebased, but I need ten more bases for the rest if I can find any. I’m hoping my local GW store still has the multi base pack in stock.

My next step is to paint my first unit of Cold one Knights, which I’ve rebased and undercoated in black acrylic. They should be done by the end of the week or two depending on wether I’m confident enough with the paint scheme for the unit. On the side I’ll slowly get the Spearmen painted so my motivation isn’t too bogged down.

Very soon I’ll be showing the Fleetmaster herself, Tallinia the Blood witch of the Sea. I had loads of fun kitbashing and painting this model, hopefully I can get her done by tomorrow.


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Orktober: Big Mek on Warbike (Bad Moons are Da best!)

To celebrate Orktober, I’ll be posting my offerings to Gork and Mork (or is it Mork and Gork?) with two units of Orky goodness. The first being today’s post on my Big Mek on Warbike, kustombuilt from spare bitz on an old Warbike kit.

Whilst the Dark Elves have been my focus for this month, I intend to at least make some effort to contribute to the month of Orks. I only have a unit or two of Gretchins to paint for my Ork collection before I go on to adding any new units.

Expect to see more from me by next week or by the end of the month, that’s if I can find the little green blighters in time.


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Get the Druchii ready!

Having obtained a copy of Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves on Sunday, it reignited my soul with the bitterness and cold blooded hatred of the High Elves. So much so, I was able to paint my first troop unit of Dark Elves crossbowmen (the old plastic kit before the current iteration called Darkshards).

It took me nine years to finally paint this unit. I feel ashamed and proud of this achievement.

Mostly shame…

I tried to do a good 10×2 regiment unit photograph, but the focus was bad. This was my best attempt.

This is a big deal for me, as I’m gradually getting closer to finishing this collection. Nine years, that’s a long time, I’m glad to have finally got the Repeater Crossbowmen done.

But there’s no excuse now, as there are two more troop unit including a unit of 20 Spearmen and 20+ Black Ark Corsairs. After the Spearmen are done, that’ll be the minimal req for my Dark Elves to be a playable painted army (I’m using the Warhammer Legends Dark Elves PDF rules, as it’s the latest update to the army). Spearmen are ready to go, however the Black Ark Corsairs haven’t been debased on circle bases yet.

Finally to finish my army, I have one final unit consisting of 15 Cold one Knights that need rebasing and some serious work on the models. I ain’t showing you what they look like yet, it’s ‘THAT’ bad.

Speaking of Dark Elves, I’ve found this book today at a charity shop, it was either this or the ToF Sigmar books. I went for Elfslayer as I’ve never read a Gotrek and Felix book before, and it has Dark Elves too!

Smashing cover! Where can I get that sea monster?

Honestly, the first twenty pages was a fun read that I honestly got me hooked to read more. Sadly I can’t read this yet as I have to finish the third and final book in The Founding Arc of Gaunts Ghosts. I’ll do a post at some point sharing my thoughts on the omnibus.


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Talons of Molech warband

Finally after months of painting and kitbashing, my small warband of Slanneshi worshiping Emperors Children Collection is ready for war!

When Warhammer 40k conquest was released a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to get both the intercessor and Reiver kits. This sped up the project with the models needed for my warband.

Since my last post on this project, I’ve included two more kitbashed Intercessors as Noise marines, three Raptors, an Exalted champion as the Lieutenant of the warband and a dashingly badass Chaos Lord wielding his exquisite weapon. I wanted to go all creative on these new additional models, as You’ll below.

What’s the time Craftworlders? It’s dinner time!!!!

Lord Von Bekkertine, Captain of the Talons of Molech warhost, and servant of Lord Commander Eidoln.

Exalted Champion (Lieutenant) Lucificus, The faded glory

Renegade Commissar,Tarin Brakem, Divine executioner

Noise marines, The Encroaching screamers

Raptors, The Divine Claws

Cultist, Litherdune Cult

Armiger knights, House Devine

In total there are six units (not including the Renegade Commissar) in the warband, that’s a fairly decent patrol size and just right to please She who Thirsts. I won’t be adding anymore models to the collection as I’ve got the basics of a warband done, and I’m waiting to see how the Emperors Children will fare when their release wave arrives at some point in the future.

In the meantime, I’m planning on adding more models to join my renegade Commissar as a Skirmish force. Like Gaunts Ghosts, but with a lot more Slanneshi themed models. I’ve already got my sniper specialist done by kitbashing.

The size of the Skirmish force will be a unit of six, six self egotistical characters to build. I’m taking my time with this side project as I want to focus on characters that I’ll be adding and what type of personality they’ll have.


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