Last week in project work and food…..

It’s been relaxing last week being stuck at home, relaxing only half way through the latter part that is. Things got a bit tough with everything that’s been going on as the family self isolates, but everyone’s in good health so far. I just hope it’ll remain that we if we all play our part.

I’ve only managed to paint a few units this week including my last Mortal Realms collection miniature, a unit of neglected Warp Talons and as shown earlier this week, an Airfix T-34 tank.

My kitbashed Guardian of Souls was done using a Tomb Banshee kit, the head and Staff from the easy to build Chainrasp Horde kit and a spare hand from the Crypt Ghoul kit. This is sadly my last official Nighthaunt miniature as I’ve had to cancel my Mortal Realms reserve at my newsagent. However, I think this kitbash is a fine send off.
It’s been way too long since this unit was meant to be repainted. Last year I did a big paint remover batch of old Chaos Space marine models that I planed to repaint as Nightlords. However, the Warp Talons took the longest to remove, so much so that I had to take a break as I couldn’t get rid of the paint layers.
Finally, I was able to give them justice and a long overdue attention. This is my last addition to the Nightlords project, which will be getting a faction collection post coming up soon!

Now for the food. As well as a hobbyist, I can actually cook as well (with assistance). I tend to cook pasta meals for dinner as I like my veg, king prawns and pasta.

I can do baking as well, although that’s something I don’t do too much like my cooking.

This week I did a panini press (not using panini bread) of Pepper, celery, mixed herb and salt and pepper sandwiches. I enjoyed it while I could as I won’t be able to make anymore for some time. A strange combination of ingredients, but well worth putting together!
More pasta.
To finish off this post, I present one of my all time favourite food, pizza. This particular recipe will be my recipe to pass on for generations in the family, the humble pizza with a twist. My version of this popular meal has its own secret ingredients and slight variations from the Mozzarella pizza.

That’s all for today. Until next time,


4th Demi-company Astral Bears Collection [WIP]

When the White Scars received their index supplement last year, I wanted to start building a successor chapter built entirely from Primaris stock. Whilst I’d originally wanted to focus on finishing my Crimson Fists project as my last Space Marine Collection, the White Scars was a Legion I had always wanted to collect. My statement that the Crimson Fist project was my last SM project ever made me look pretty silly when I decided to start this project.

But hey, when had the White Scars ever got given their own supplement book all of their own, with lore, rules and a name chart?

After looking through the index and deciding on what my project should be, I went for the obscure successor chapter, the Astral Bears. Only mentioned once in name and their rapid victory tally they have amassed, I thought this would be a good challenge of building a Primaris faction from near scratch.

Now lore wise it’s all over the place with the introduction of the Primaris Marines, with much of the range giving me a mixed feeling of ‘alright’ to ‘meh’. But as a a creative individual, I thought I might try to carve a personality out from these basic miniatures into a unique chapter.

My interpretation on the Astral Bears chapter is that they are a fleetbased chapter who’s home-world was destroyed by the traitor invasion force. The main bulk of this devastating annihilation was orchestrated by exiled Iron Warriors, disgraced warriors cast aside by their Daemon Primarch, Perturabo, after they succumbed to Nurgles embrace.

Lurking in the shadows of this Invasion force is a warband of Night Lords, who had a history with the world of Khoros during the hellish nightmare of the splitting of the Cicatrix Maledictum.

The original chapter master of the Astral Bears, Gobi, was slain by the Nightlord warband’s leader as the chapter was surrounded by waves of diseased Iron Warriors. Taking on the role as next in command, Chighin made a valiant effort to hold ground, but sadly many warriors were killed forcing Chighin and his remaining brothers to flee off world.

Currently the chapter is rebuilding itself and it’s currently at 5 Company strength, thanks to Belisarius Cawl supplying new Primaris Marines to replace losses. All firstborn marines are extinct, the chapter now only uses Primaris stock.

It’s vague in parts, but it’s a basic outline of the hombrew I’m working on. Due to the lore being all over the place at the minutes, I’m giving it time until enough information is out so I can create something that can fit into the Post Indomitus Crusade era.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve collected so far. Enjoy!

Until next time,


The Knights of Mousillon Stormhost

This post and hombrew lore is in dedication and homage to the team and contributors at GW who designed, wrote and illustrated Warhammer Army book: Bretonnia 5th edition.


Founding of the 43rd Stormhost

Founded as the 43rd Stormhost to be forged for war into the Mortal Realms, the Knights of Mousillon are a proud host of armoured warriors. Tracing their origins from the tribes of the Corielatuvi, the Stormhost are prideful warriors with a fierce reputation for fighting at forefront of war.

The Stormhost can at times be viewed as unsettling by the aura that surrounds them, rooted deep within each warrior of the Knights of Mousillon. A lurking presence that has been mingled with the souls of the reforged, not of the influence of the Ruinous powers, but something ancient and long forgotten. Some say the warriors who are reforged gain a heavy burden of guilt, a memory that is forged into their minds that mark them as a knight of Mousillon. No matter how many times a warrior is reforged on the Anvil of Apotheosis, the implanted dark memory is intact and sharper than before.

What is the memory that haunts them? None can say for only the Stormhost knows what these dark shreds of the past are, so too does Sigmar know of this flaw in the Stormhosts founding. If the god king has a reason for this Stormhost to be still functioning and growing with the flaws, then all of the Knights of Mousillon would fight until their time has come for these memories bear fruit the answers they seek.

Home of the Knights of Mousillon

Like many Stormhosts who enter the Mortal Realms to reclaim lands lost by the ravages of the ruinous powers, the Knights of Mousillon were sent to the realm of Ghyran to reclaim lost territory in the name of Sigmar.

In the atlas area of the western realm, there is a land called Woldorian, stretching far and wide with grasslands, snow peaked mountains, flowing streams of water and forests covering much of the land. It seemed almost picturesque and peaceful at first, but deep within the mountains there are foul monsters and beasts that roam the lands. All these nightmarish things seek to feast the settlers that trespass into the domain of the lair.

An Ogre Mawtribe of the Bloodgullets had ruled these lands for many centuries as a central location for ceremonial feasting. When the tribe goes on a mass hunt for food, very few Ogres stay to Guard the sacred hills unless they’re picky for eating only the wildlife in the area. When the Mawtribe return from its gut crusade, they celebrate by offering spoils to the gut alter to Gorkamorka.

The snow peaked mountains of Wold, in the lands of Woldorian. It is here that human mages built towers of gleaming crystal keeps in the Age of Myth, until the Age of Chaos forced the Ogres to migrate and destroy the human population for food.

When the knights of Mousillon arrived through the Realmgate of the False Cup, they were entering the peak celebration of the feast. To the Ogres, these new arrivals would be a perfect offering to the gut Lord. A battle ensued as Warhammer and club sparked, Stormcast Eternals fighting in organised phalanx against charging brutes of Ogor warriors.

History would be written when Lord- Celestant Rodarnor Grismere and his Dracoth swiftly bolted through the battlefield like a knight on a steed, charging into the fires of enemy fire from the Leadbelchers. The Gutlord, Skrengus, faced the knight wielding his two handed halberd and lunged towards his foe. The two clashed as their blades made contact with a mighty clash of sparks and enchanted backlash.

Lord-Celestant Rodarnor would prove the better master of war when he charged his Dracoth toward the tyrant. As the tyrant swung his blade, Rodarnor would swing his hammer upwards rather than downwards. Catching the tyrant by the chin and tearing his head off.

Thereafter, the entire Ogor tribe was decimated apart from those who surrendered and offered themselves to the rulership of Sigmar. These Ogres would stay on to become the builders of a new city, one that their descendants would thrive and change (slightly) into civilised folk who still had an appetite for meat.

Some Ogres would escape the massacre and move on to another realm to lick their wounds. The tribe had lost their leader and holy prayer site, there will be bloodshed to spill when the Mawtribe was strong again.

Free-city of Woldwater coast

In the Age of Myth, a tribe of hunters called the Corieltavia settled on the coast near the mountain of the western peak. This tribe would be the founding population that would develop into a knightly order, the Knights of Mousil.

The order would carry on until the Age of Chaos when the Daemons and mortals of Nurgle marched into Ghyran. Infesting the land with decay, misery, disease and blight into the lands natural beauty. Nothing could stop this, not even a knightly order.

The last king to rule the throne, Maldra the ‘little’ (not for his size, but in jest of his short patience and his arrogance as prince of the kingdom), led a failed charge against the forces of Nurgle with an army of trusty knights of the Realm. The army was nearly wiped out, Maldra fled back to his citadel, the Tower of the Cup. He’d lock himself and his trusted lords in his throne room to die, dining on wine and meat in madness as the land was overrun by the legions of Chaos.

When the Age of Sigmar started, the armies of Nurgle had long since been erased along with their foul influence. Instead the lands of Woldorian were inhabited by Ogors from the Bloodgullet Mawtribe. They hunted anything for food, and offered much to their enormous bowl on the peak of the mountain to their god. When the Stormcast entered the realm and faced the Bloodgullet Mawtribe, the Lord-Celestant would slay the Ogor Tyrant and claim his head as a trophy, signalling he end of the battle.

Now that the land was free from the Ogor menace, the Stormhost established its base of operations in the lands of Woldorian.

A few centuries later, much of Woldorian had changed as on the island where the realmgate stood was now a Free-city called Woldcoast. Next to that on a smaller island is where the Knights of the noble son Chamber gather in their keep.

On the high peak of the great Wold mountain resides the collegiate arcana and (after the initial stages of the Soul Wars) The Sacrosanct Chamber of the Daughters of the Mousillon arcane.

South west from the peak is a village that is occupied by the tribals of the Corieltavia, those that stayed behind to carry on their traditions as hunters and settlers. They view the free city as a beacon for disaster as it’ll more than likely attract greater foes, and dark horrors from beyond…..

Hero’s of the Stormhost

There are many chambers under the Knights of Mousillon Stormhost that have earned great honours and deeds since the Age of Sigmar. Such legends like the Knights of the Noble son Chamber, who valiantly eradicated the Bloodgullet tribe from the face of Woldorian. Or other legends like The last son of valour Chamber, who assassinated the Warlord of the Blister Spire, a Mortal Nurgle army that wanted to reclaim Woldorian back into Nurgles Garden.

Such power and sacrifice have these men and women owed their lives in service to Sigmar. For the few saved, many more will follow.

Here are some of the Chambers of the Knights of Mousillon.

Knights of the noble son Warrior Chamber, led by Lord-Celestant Rodarnor Grismere

  • The last son of valour Vanguard Chamber, led by Lord-Aquilor Alarbault, The Knight Errant
  • Knights of the Midnight Order Extremis Chamber, led by Lord-Celestant Girvauldar, The Black Knight of Woldorian

Daughters of the Mousillon arcane Sacrosanct Chamber, led by Lord-Arcanum Malflerona, Lady of the shattered Soul

Chronology of the Knights of Mousillon

Age of myth-

  • The tribe of the Corielatuvi started out as a small gathering of people who settled in the Realm of life. They build a small camp west in a place that would one day be called Woldorian.
  • As the Gods gather and unite under Sigmars pantheon, the God king finds the Corieltauvi tribe and offers them the chance to prosper and grow. In return, he asks them to swear an oath of fealty to the pantheon. The most of the tribe agrees and joins Sigmars cause, the rest move on to find a safer place to settle. These would be the survivors of the Age of Chaos who’s decedents still settle in the lands today.
  • Centuries later, the tribe evolved into a mighty army of a knightly order. They call themselves the Knights of Mousil, inspired by tales of legend by an old wise woman named Malfeur
  • By the near and of the Age of Myth, a jealous prince named Maldra who wouldn’t be king by line of ascent, concocts a plan to assassinate his oldest brother. Hiring an Aelf assassin, his brother was killed on the night before his crowning. Unheard of in the land, the news of the Kings death shook the people of Woldorian. For not only was a promising prince killed in cold blood, but his brother would be crowned king. However, unbeknownst to Maldra, Nagash had marked his soul to be claimed.

Age of Chaos-

  • Maldra, last heir to the throne is crowned king of the Woldorian peaks. The Knights of Mousillon bow before their new king, but doubt him in secret for he is a fool and an arrogant wretch.
  • The horns of Chaos boom across the land announcing the Age of Chaos had begun. Maldra doesn’t send support to his frontier forts, thinking that payment would suffice these new and powerful invaders. His plan fails. The Mortal Nurgle army advances through the frontier and slaughters the guards at the forts.
  • The armies of Nurgle invade Woldorian, decaying and spreading plagues to the living. Maldra full of arrogance and rage leads a knightly charge against the Lord of Plagues, Purifitor the squelch-heart, on the fields of Owerstan. The charge fails. With only a few surviving knights of Maldra’s army left, he calls for a retreat.
  • Rodrigan, knight of the Realm, defends his village in Woldorian as the armies of Chaos storm through the defences. He died a noble death facing impossible odds against a Greater Daemon of Nurgle. His soul was captured by Sigmar and sent to Azyr to be reforged.
  • Maldra locked himself in his court room along with his trusted lords and ladies in his tower. As they drink and eat to mark their final days, Maldra so drunk by his excessive drinking let slips his darkest secret to the court that he was the one that sent an assassin to kill his brother. Shock, anger and hatred flared in the court, causing a civil war as the one side wanted to kill Maldra. The Kings guards defend their king, but they all stopped fighting when they see that their false king choked to death from drinking his wine. The wine was poisoned from a false grail.
  • Woldorian is claimed by the armies of Nurgle, and settles in the lands for a time until a band of Ogors from the Bloodgullet Mawtribe arrive into the land. They slaughter the worshipers of Nurgle after years of bloodshed and destruction.

-Age of Sigmar

  • The Age of Sigmar arrives as Sigmar unleashes his creations out into the Mortal Realms. One of these Stormhosts is the 43rd, The Knights of Mousillon.
  • The Stormhost is transported through a Realmgate out into Woldorian in the Realm of Ghyran. Partyway through a ritual celebration, the Ogor Mawtribe of the Blodgullets were interrupted by the arrival of these metal armoured warriors. An all out war commenced as Ogor and Stormcast Clash.
  • Lord-Celestant Rodarnor Grismere slays the Gut Lord, defeating the Ogors and driving them out from the lands of Woldorian.

Airfix Vintage T-34 tank

When discussing the subject on Stalingrad you’ll more than likely hear about a particular Russian tank, regarded as one of the best during the conflict during WWII. Mass produced by the many due to its simple yet effective design, the T34 tanks were Russia’s offensive might against the Germans.

Airfix produced a miniature scale of the T34 in 1968 with a choice of either assembling the T-34/76 or the T-34/85 turret. The difference is the turrets and personnel capacity, as to the former only carrying four crew and the latter five crew members. Because the kit lets you build these two turrets separately, you can swap them around to represent the different variants of the T-34. No magnets and extensive drilling for custom changes needed!

The kit I brought was the vintage set costing around £5.99 (compared to the larger kit by other brands that costed £30 to £40). A simple cast, the plastic kit has the basic design of the T-34 shape, but the details are limited due to it being produced way back in 1968.

I’ve based the model on an old GW rectangle base and painted it white, sprinkling some snow basing to make the miniatures environment much more realistic. Just to add that final touch I’ve used some flock cuts to add to the environment of the setting.

I like Airfix kits for a quick build for small diorama projects, it’s great for times like these when you’ll want to spend some time being distracted from isolation sluggishness. I’ve got some plans for a future project once things have settled down, a WWI tank or Tiger tank will be a fun challenge to try out.

Until next time,


Painting in isolation

Being stuck in the house has been difficult considering the fact that I’ve got to be 2 meters away from everyone. It’s either that or a worse case scenario happens, so I’m doing the best I can.

But on the bright side, it’s sunny and I’ve got loads of miniature painting to do. Luckily I had a load of miniatures spray painted before I had to be self isolated in my room.

Another positive is cooked tagliatelle in turmeric and mixed herbs.

Recently I’ve been able to get some neglected models painted as part of my Imperial Guard project, made entirely from neglected miniatures. So far I’ve got a Company Captain painted, two tanks and two infantry units done.

My T34 kit has been given a undercoat, ready for painting as part of my upcoming Stalingrad miniature collection series.

Finally, I have a display piece of WWII British Infantry on patrol undercoated too. This will be part of my Lincolnshire WWII tribute, as of yet I’m currently researching who to base it on.

That’s all for today. Stay safe,


To my followers and readers

Hi all, I thought I’d take some time to update on what’s going on and what my plans are going forward.

Most will know about the current situation the worlds going through, it’s affecting everyone and the way life has been.

To my followers and readers, stay safe, look after your family, wash your hands regularly and be aware of others around you. The more we try to limit the spread of the virus and protect those who are more likely to suffer from it, the better we can deal with this situation together.

My plans for the blog is to continue my usual stuff. I’ve got two big posts that’ll be worth reading including part 5 of my fan fiction Post Apocalyptic saga, and a hombrew lore post on my Stormhost, the knights of Mousillon. Hopefully these will be entertaining (for good or bad quality) to read and calms anxiety for awhile.

I’ve also got some models painted ready for blog posting, a few that’s a fresh change from my usual GW miniature painting. Luckily before things got worse, I was able to get some hobby stuff to keep me occupied.

Unfortunately, my Mortal Realms collection may have to be delayed due to complications caused by the virus situation. As I reserve my copies at my newsagent, I don’t get it at home, which means I have to go out to the store itself. So it’s more than likely my recent miniature will be the last. But hey, at least I did this awesome kitbash of a female Guardian of Souls!

I had to keep this post on draft for several days now as news keeps updating with more and more changes imposed. Life’s difficult with new pressures to isolate and follow guidelines. It’s chilling to wake up in the morning to hear an ever increasing rate of victims and deaths tallying up, and if worst comes, my family could be on that list due to underline health issues.

I’m trying to stay positive, but shit just keeps coming. The NHS is suffering, jobs are closing, social gathering areas closed, victims and deaths grow by the number. Worst of all, scum of the earth are ignoring gov guidelines to not do social gatherings to stop the spreading of the virus, making things much more difficult for the fight against the virus. These fools are making the NHS work to save lives so much harder, lives that could be saved may be lost because one of the scum goes ill and takes that support away.

Put them last on the list, such arrogance for those who put lives at risk earn no sympathy from me. The priority has to go to the elderly, those with serious health issues and those who caught the virus unaware.

That’ll be all for today. Stay safe.


Stormcast Eternals: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost Collection

This collection is probably one of my most recognisable feature on the blog, from my old lore fiction posts (Now retconned to be replaced by a new and more organised background), to the colour scheme of deep pastel blue and royal red, silver and black and how it’s become my personified profile identity for Bjorn the Stormborn.

The collection is currently split into three chambers including a Warrior Chamber, Vanguard Chamber and WIP Sacrosanct Chamber. Over the years as GW adds more golden bucket knights in various forms for profit, I’ve been including new chambers to build a big collection of many.

Currently, I’ve completed my Warrior Chamber with room for additional hero models to be included. The Vanguard Chamber is still ongoing but has been put aside as I don’t see it as an essential need to work on. As for my latest addition of the Sacrosanct Chamber, I’m currently including models from the Mortal Realms series (if I’m not including them into my Anvils of the Heldenhammer project), which has slowly grown for a few weeks now.

For the project having a drastically different origin story and history, it came down to the fact that I didn’t like the way I originally done my homebrew work. It was done at a time when AoS lacked depth and context to make sense of who, what, where and why in the Mortal Realms. So my story was all over the place trying to create something that can be expanded in games and campaign stories.

My new homebrew lore is less focused on detailing the origins and history of the Stormhost, and more focused on covering the basics that can be explored and expanded later on. Taking me two months so far to construct the basis of my Stormhost lore, it’ll be out very soon once I’m satisfied with what I’ll be presenting.

As for the name change, the Stormhost was originally called the Lords of the Pisces. However, I’ve scrapped that with a new Stormhost name, the Knights of Mousillon. Inspired by the lore in the Bretonnia Army book, I wanted to keep alive part of a particular section of the lore with this collection. I think it’s a great tribute to all of the contributors of artists and writers of the 90’s Bretonnia army book.

I’ve gone on long enough now, so here’s a gallery of what I’ve collected so far (except the Sacrosanct Chamber, that’ll be added at some point in the future). Enjoy!

Until next time,