Ghoul Grots

Already I’m hard at work with adding more stuff to my Ghoul Gutbusters collection, aiming at 1,250pt list as my new goal. My collection lacked something that all Gutbuster tribes have that is essential for their survival, a vital part of keeping the Ogres in line and fed well ( or to the Ghouls ones, some sort of tiny hope of being full).

I’m talking about the Gnob….. I mean Grots! These little cunning cowards are a vital part of Ogre society, as they bring food and manual labour needs in return for protection. But my Grots aren’t just like their kin, for mine are Ghoul Grots of course!

So far I’ve done 15x Grots with a mixture of heads from various kits, and kitbashed them into Crypt Ghoul models. To carry on the theme of Gutbusters and Shyish, this unit has both elements of the Grots and their horrible disfigured bodies. Ghoulisim has turned these cunning tricksters too as they have become hungry savage lunatics, but more cunning than the Ghoul Gutbuster Ogre.

I’ll be painting this unit in a couple of days using either contrast paint, or my own colour scheme.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll be back later on in the week to show the Ghoul Grots painted. Then decided what I’ll be doing next for my Ghoul Gutbusters project.

Until next time,



Army Showcase 2019: The Ghoul Gutbusters

Today marks the end of my current project on the Ghoul Gutbusters 1,000pt army collection, a project that was a rebirth from a failed Flesh-Eater Courts project that I did years ago. Whilst not all of my FEC models have moved over to the new project, I do intend to use the left over models (not including the Abhorrent Ghoul kings as they’ll be used as allies for my Nighthaunt) to fit into suitable units to substitute warscrolls.

But today I’ll be presenting my 1,000pt army showcase in full bloody glory! Enjoy!

The Tyrant (or Abhorrent Tyrant) was actually once the Ogryn model that I used for my Inquisition warband, Silence of the Shroud. I sacrificed the model and kitbashed it into a Tyrant with two club weapons, a helmet with a crest, a death styled knight shield emblem and a fancy bat wing cape.

I wanted my Tyrant to have elements of the Gutbuster themes mixed with Shyish/ death. Using cold colours to emphasis on the ghoul affliction that makes this Ogre different from the rest of his race. If I had a spare Crypt Horror I would’ve gone for the full horror by making a Abhorrent Tyrant that’s mutated like my Butcher model. But I think this model is a logical choice since a mutated deluded beast wouldn’t care to order or lead a tribe, rather it would feast on anyone and anything it comes across.

The Butcher is like any other Butcher in the Gutbuster tribe that roam the mortal realms, but this Butcher in particular is attuned to the winds of Shyish. A disfigured monster who is on a thin line between sanity as a powerful wizard, and becoming a mindless Gorger. He can summon spirits of the Gutbusters Underworld to do his bidding as he freezes the hearts of his foes to death (frozen food is always useful for long journeys).

Elites with a hunger to satisfy from their ghoul affliction, the Ironguts have become the bodyguard of the Tyrant and the Butcher (whoever they choose to join with for who will attract the most meat pickings). At this point from Ogre to Ironguts, the unit has become more savage, desperate, hungry and efficient in combat. Ironguts have two paths they can go down for they can either ascend to a Tyrant, or a Gorger, the latter will almost certainly male their past identity and glory dust by the hunger.

The Ogres are the main backbone of the Gutbuster tribe as it’s soldiers, they are giants made of steel who can deal with more than one mortal. Affliction by the ghoulisim starts off with the lowest ranks, the hunger isn’t as rabid as the Ironguts, Tyrants, Butcher and Gorgers. However, over time their need to feast encroaches and corrupts their thoughts and desires, glory and joy in battle becomes less enjoyable as the hunger demands it’s due.

The Gorgers are wild ferals who have lost their identity of their previous life as the hunger dominates their actions. Once they may have been proud warriors of Gork or Mork, or even powerful leaders or wizards of their tribe. But the affliction of the Flesh-Eater Courts has turned these mighty champions into abominations not worth remembering.

It’s not all ghouls and afflicted Ogres, as the tribe hire mercenaries of the same grand alliance that either honour tradition of war or debts owed. Gorgrunks mercenary warband are natives of Shyish who have a morbid view on life and death, they believe that Gork or Mork will reincarnate them after death as bigger and better Greenskins.

The group are exiles of an Orruk tribe for acts of un-Orky habits, bad omens follow these Orruks as their tribe had suffered greatly during the Age of Chaos.

The Ghoul Gutbusters have hired these morbid Orruks to cause maximum carnage in battle, finding more meat to bring back to the tribe from Skirmish missions. In return, the Orruks pay is Realmstone which they are using for unknown reasons……

That’s all of my 1,000pt Ghoul Gutbuster Collection that I’ve painted so far. I’m thinking of setting up a new goal of getting this project up to 1,250pt/ 1,500pt, adding Grots, a unit Ledbelchers, a Gorger to make a full unit of 3x and maybe another Hero model. I’ll have to plan out what I want to include in my army collection for some time before I make a decision. I won’t be extending the project any further to 2,000pt as I like this collection to be a small and thematic army.

It wouldn’t be a proper goodbye if I didn’t do one last photo of my last Flesh-Eater Courts, The Liverbone Court Abhorrent Ghoul King Ren. He’ll be rebasing him as I’ve mentioned earlier, and he’s the last model in my failed project. So I want to do some dignity by showing my failed project in a creepy and badass photo!


(Ps: I’ve been listening way too much of ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ by Gary Moore, his version is pretty cool. I’m thinking of buying several versions of the song (sea shanty versions a must!) as it’s quite motivating as it helped me finish this project!)

The Ghoul Gutbusters

Gutbuster Tyrant bellows his lungs out as he demands more meat sacrifices for him to feast on.

The Gorgers aren’t worth doing diplomacy with…….

The Butcher has a strange affinity to the winds of Shyish, his magic can summon spirits from the underworld that his culture believes they’ll go to once they die in battle.

Gorgrunk’s mercenaries for hire, drenched in Shyish lifestyle and morbid existences compared to other Orruk cultures. They seek to find a worthy battle to win back their places in their tribe, exile for them seems like eternity…….

Afflicted by the curse of the Flesh-Eater Courts Ghoulisim, the Ogres desire for food is more extreme and eternal as they can never be full from a feast. Even a raid on a city will feel like a snack that quickly goes away.

The Ironguts are both the elite bodyguards of the Tyrant and the butchers with years of experience. Their years of constant hunger has less them to become more desperate in combat, seeking a foe of worthy skill and tender flavour to devour.

The Ghoul Gutbusters are marching on seeking their next meal, either dead or alive will do them fine. Hunger and emptiness will always be on their minds…..

That’s all for now, later on today I’ll be posting my final photography army showcase using a new experiment idea.

Until next time,


The death of a project and some (undead) rebirth

For those of you who are new to my blog, years ago I did a post about going on a hiatus working on my Skaven project for AoS (I came back early this year to finish what I left off). I wanted to move on to building my first Death faction for AoS by starting a Flesh-Eaters Court army, after being inspired by the first Battletome. I was fascinated by the concept of deluded monsters and cannibals that see themselves as noble knights on crusades to defeat great and terrible foes.

My past attempts at transferring Death models to AoS weren’t as successful at the time, skeletons were a pain to paint due to my complex colour scheme I had painted them in. So starting a Ghoul army was an exciting opportunity to finally bring to life my own fully painted Death army.

Things were going good at the start as I started with a box (old WHFB box with squares) of ten Crypt Ghouls and one being a Courtier. Then I had two units of Ogres kitbashed as Crypt Horrors, a horror spin on these hungry giants becoming victim of their own cannibal affliction. Finally, I got the Start Collecting! Flesh-Eaters Court starter box, building a Abhorrent Ghoul King on a Terrorgheist, more Crypt Ghouls and three Coutiers.

It was all going well until I hit a wall, I just stopped adding to this project due to not having basing materials to base new units. Not only that, but my attention was wondering off to other projects on the backlog as well as new projects.

That’s when this project was going downhill into the backlog list, every time I’d mention that I’d be getting back into continuing the project (promises that I failed to commit to) I felt less motivated to paint and expand the collection.

However I did notice that my FEC was getting a lot of attention on Pinterest, and the only project that’s been on Pinterest. But still, this didn’t boost my motivation as I felt that I lost the spark that first got me into the project.

So today, I can announce that I’m officially shutting down the FEC project. It’s a sad thing to admit, but I’ve failed to finish this project towards 1,000pt.

But not all is lost! As ever a creative and artistic person that I am, I improve on failures and create something new. Nothing goes to waste.

A few months ago, I did a small Ogre army based on the cannibal horror theme for a Shyish inspired Destruction warband. I made a my Crypt Horror couturier units into two units, 2x Gorgers and one Butcher. My Battleline consisted of two units of three blood soaked Ogres.

What started out as a side project from my FEC soon became a project that could carry on where I failed.

But there was a problem, this project was going to need sacrifices in order to finish this project at 1,000pt, I’ve only assembled at least 500pt worth of models. I wouldn’t be able to afford new stuff as 1) my local GW store hardly has anything in stock, as it’s a small shop and most of the products are online exclusive and 2) price hike came.

I checked my previous projects in storage to see what I could work on, and I found four candidates to destroy and rebuild!

Now you might be thinking, well why not by some new kits? My answer to that would be GW’s recent price hike, it’s not a pretty sight to be honest. For a Tyrant you’ll have to save £25 just for one resin model. For Maneaters you’ll need £25 for one, but the unit is a minimum of three miniatures, meaning you’ll need to spend at least £75 for three resin kits! Madness!

I could proxy Maneaters using baseline Ogres, but that’s £25 for a unit that used to be (from what I can remember, don’t know if I’m right) £23.00 for six Ogres.

If you think that’s bad, check out the Giant and Butcher with cooking bowl prices, I think I’ll substitute Wizkid stuff for those units.

On my first year of blogging I did a unit of three Ogres of Nurgle for my Nurgle AoS army, and a Ogryn for my 40k inquisitor Warband, Silence of the Shroud. Whilst I’m gutted having to destroy my Ogryn model, I knew it was going towards a better cause than gathering dust in a box.

Now I have some WIP photos of my kitbashing work, a unit of Ironguts and a Tyrant.

But wait a minute, what about the Ghouls?

I have a few ideas on what I’ll be doing with my Abhorrent Ghoul king on a Terrorgheist, Abhorrent Ghoul Queen and Crypt Ghouls. The Abhorrents will be used as allies for my Nighthaunt collection as support units, although I might need to rebase them to fit alongside my whole collection. As for the Crypt Ghouls, they’ll be kitbashed into Ghoul Grots as I still have spare Grot heads from my Ork bitz box.

With that I think that’ll be all today. Check back tomorrow as I’ll be showcasing my Gutbuster collection! It’ll be a photography showcase in silvertone filter, then later on this week I’ll be showing new full colour photography of the collection like an army showcase.

Until next time!


Gaming like it’s Sunday

I’m a painter and collector hobbyist first, gaming second and rarely do so on a regular basis. I don’t have the time or day to play out of town, since my local GW has an odd way of getting new gamers to meet up that’s not a Friday. I have to have a Facebook account in order for the shop to get me to meet up an opponent to play.

I remember a decade ago you could pop into the GW store and meet new people to play with, no booking needed. Just go with your case of miniatures and have fun. There used to be two big tables to play both Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and LoTR.

But for half of the decade the gaming has gone down hill as the shop now only has one table to play, the other used as a introduction table for new customers.

So for a few years I did some games with a friend every summer, with a massive board that was way too big for our 1,000pt/ 2,000pt armies. We eventually stopped as we both went our separate ways. I became a painter and collector with no interest in the gaming aspect of the hobby, and this wouldn’t be as a daily hobby until I started blogging.

Years later my friend contacted me and asked if I’d like to play some AoS games. This would not only take me back into the gaming side, but also my first experience playing AoS. I had tons of fun playing AoS, fuelled a lot of inspirations to my projects.

Sadly this only lasted a year, and I went back into painting and collecting only.

But now I’m back! I’ve got my dad to start playing AoS with me in the afternoon. We’ve had three games so far with a 1,000pt list with my dad using the SE Sacrosanct chamber and me using Clan Moulder, Nighthaunt and my own SE Warrior Chamber. Currently my dads using the gaming cards that come with the Tempest of Souls box set, which has made our games a lot more enjoyable, and quicker for me to teach my dad how to play.

Our last game was our first time using a battleplan which involved protecting our objectives in our zone and capturing the opponents objectives. It was a close one as my dad nearly won the game by a few inches, but I got enough models slain to win the match after turn 5.

Our next step is to try out Skirmish and see how long that’ll take us to play, as our usual 1,000pt games last for about an hour and a half. If Skirmish is quicker with just the recommended 250R game, then we’ll try playing more Skirmish as our regular game.

I’m currently getting my Destruction Skirmish warband organised with some Orruk Ard Boyz (substituting the Ironskull’s Boyz as Ard Boyz) added into my Shyish inspired Ogre force. I’m hoping to create a small but characterful warband that represents the unrelenting nature of the armies of Destruction.

That’s all I have for now, got plenty of work to do painting my Ard Boyz and other projects.

Until next time,


Warhammer AoS Terrain special post

I’m old Gregg!

Anyways, today I’ve got a special post for you guys as I’ll be showing most of my Warhammer Fantasy Battles/ AoS terrain. Terrain’s not only a nice decorative touch to table top games for amazing battles, but it’s also a story in itself of the people that inhabit it (or monsters that lurk inside!).

A Chapel of Sigmar for example could have a tale about a heroic Priest who sacrificed himself/ herself to slay a dragon. The chapel could’ve been built on the land that he/ she died on during the heroic crusade.

Maybe a Garden of Morr was built as a place to bury the dead of a decade long war of attrition, soldiers of the Freeguild who died. A place left in a derelict state over centuries by either relatives died out, moved on to a different place or neglect by disconnected descendants. The souls of the dead not claimed by Nagash could haunt this place seeking revenge against the living….

There’re many ways you can personalise your scenery to craft your own story, even just painting it in a thematic colour scheme adds character and immersive gameplay. Having a few games with my dad using the scenery has made our games more visually interesting and challenging (my Vanguard Raptors had a nice spot on top of a Watchtower).

When I paint my scenery, I try to make them look as realistic as possible using appropriate colours. Appropriate colours based on reference photos and landmarks nearby that I can look at as inspiration. Take for example the watchtower, it’s human architecture with elements of fantasy design. I used full colours of grey for the stone work, contrasting the grey with a sandy colour wall. The red areas are inspired by a village I go past from time to time that uses red for the houses, belonging to (or marked as) part of a lord of the estate.

My latest terrain project was an old kit I had way back during Warhammer Fantasy Battles was still around. I can’t remover what it was called (or changed to since), but it was an alternative kit to a wizard tower. My previous work on painting it was pretty bad and honestly bland effort, so a few days ago I started work on re-painting this terrain piece.

As you can see, this terrain piece looks pretty abandoned and eerie, gives the impression that this old ruined tower was left to collapse for centuries. Painting it not only makes It look fitting for the table top wargaming, but the organic foliage gives just that added effect of a realistic immersion of a mysterious and abandoned tower ruin.

I have a few more more terrain pieces to work on including some parts from the Garden of Morr set (mostly the iron fences and walls), and a big terrain piece of a ruined Chaos temple (I’ll be repainting this soon as it currently looks messy from my last attempt in my beginner days).

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope it’ll inspire you to paint you terrain!

Until next time,


Open your mind

This week I’ve been watching all three series of The Mighty Boosh, still to this day one of my favourite British comedy series. From Bob Fossils lack of zoo knowledge (and anything to do with animal names), old Greg painting Baileys, to the Spirit of Jazz taking over Howard Moon and of course who couldn’t forget the Gary Numan references.

It got me inspired to do some drawings with influences of funk, jazz and the weirder side of the boosh.

The spiral zone of funk and groove, Rudi’s journey

Trevor Pogo, the recycle hoover on a pogo.

let’s hope that there will be a series 4, an album of The Mighty Boosh music and possibly a film in the next decade. Right now in a world where tv is a dull and grey landscape of boredom (BBC “cough), I think the Mighty Boosh could make tv more colourful again. Just to see old Greg again, Rudi, Milky Joe, Tony Harrison and the Hitcher too.

I don’t know the crunch,