5th blogging anniversary: The Storyteller and Edna

Today’s post is a continuation from my last post, my Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection. This time it’s my best attempt at making the Storyteller and (recently finished companion) his Eyebot, Edna. Both characters were based on the Shoddycast Fallout lore series on YouTube.

When I got the T-45 power armour kit and saw the gamma rifle variant, I knew this one was meant to be the Storyteller at first sight. So I took some time to do my research observing still images of the Storyteller from both Fallout 3 and 4 designs. Having visual references to refer to helped me to paint the Storyteller right down to the appearance of armour use.

Whilst greenstuff sculpting was an option I could go for to create the T-49 look, I decided to build as intended as I was worried I would ruin the model.

That’s a story for another day…

My only problem was that I didn’t get the right arm right to the slot hole, I thought I had it right when glueing it. However it’s not glaringly obvious unless you look closely at the model from behind.

When I got the Paladin Danse set earlier this week, it included an Eyebot as part of the set. This miniature can be thematically useful for factions like the Enclave, BoS, Automatron and ED-E companion.

From the box the minature came out with parts out of alignment, so using hot water and pliers can fix that issue easily. Personally I think the Eyebot sculpt is one of my favourite Modiphius products for the FWW game.

Now I have these two done I can use them in my games of FWW (or modified Warhammer 40k 8th ed games). That being said, Modiphius used to include gaming cards for units in the box. But for some reason they decided to just release rule cards in wave packs. I can use Edna, but not the Storyteller unless I have the Enclave wave pack.

You can see why I’m struggling to decided whether to get the starter set or just modify my games with other source material. At £60 the starter set includes PVC miniatures that I’ve heard many issues about in reviews for the product. I want to play the game as intended, but to go for the starter set (even at discount sites) just so I got the rulers, dice, tokens, minatures and gaming cards, I’m sceptical to see it as a worthy product.

Despite Modiphius deciding to sell a product with pre assembled models from PVC with all the essentials at £60, at least the Skyrim starter set was the right step to encourage new players to play the game.

Faction books or faction card packs with all compatible units in one place sounds less of a hassle. I dont mind edition changes since I’m in it for the casual play and narrative solo game.

I’m rambling on? Apologise, I thought I’d share my thoughts on where I’m going with this hobby. Despite my criticism, Modiphius can make some absolute wonders with their miniatures. I feel happy with what I’ve purchased so far into the FWW products.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back soon with a final post on my FWW collection so far, including Paladin Danse, Knight Captain Cade and my OC Vault Dweller.

Until next time,


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