5th Anniversary month: Fallout Wasteland Warfare Minutemen

To mark my 5th anniversary on WordPress I’ll be doing a month long journey posts of a new project that ill be working on. After taking some time to research and list what I would like to work on, the list was narrowed down between either a Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection or build a Gundam. I went for the former as I really like the Fallout franchise (well, nearly all of it…) and how I enjoyed having a go at building a kit from the Elder Maxson and Captain Kell set.

Elder Maxson set (still need to paint Captain Kells at some point).

The question was, where do I start?

Obviously it would have been the starter set which included a few miniatures, rules, counters and other stuff as a place to start. However, after reading and watching reviews for the starter set I was put off considering it until I got at least one or two small factions with their rule cards. Why would I skip the starter set till later? PVC miniatures.

I’ve seen the quality on review videos and they don’t strike me convinced to buy a set that’s £60. Whilst there’s the resin versions of the starter set, the rules and counters aren’t included. It’s a shame though as I wanted to go in and play solo games during lockdown and roleplay the Fallout experience. If the starter set didn’t have the PVC models (or not pre constructed ones) then I would put my money into it. At least The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Call to Arms has a decent price tag for the starter set with no PVC miniatures.

The next best option was to look through the miniature range to see what was on offer, and which faction would be the right one for me. After days of comparing prices and listing options for each faction I got a well researched list of options. It came down to either the Enclave, BoS, the Minutemen or Vault 34 Boomers.

Eventually I chose to go for the Minutemen as (putting aside the memes and all the constructive criticisms relating to the Minutemen) they were a faction that may not have as much rich lore like those of the BoS and the Enclave, this is just a good reason for room to make my own group with their own backstory! I like the faction and I would like to give them a chance.

Now that I’ve decided where to start, it was time to get the troopers! A fairly simple case of buying a unit of four Minutemen militia and a set of three T-45 Power armored troops. The latter I chose due to the fact that you could paint T-45 power armour in the Minutemen paint scheme. This was a reward when playing the Minutemen in Fallout 4 (other marked power armour types could be painted too but that was through the Creation club or by mods) so I assumed that canonically that the Minutemen could use power armour but only the T-45 marked suits. To show the limited knowledge on power armour and lack of units to share to each militia group, I will only be including one or two T-45 suits. The third and last suit will be a kitbashed creation of one of my own OC.

It will take me a few days of waiting until my order has arrived. In the meantime I’ll be working on other stuff to keep me busy.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions or advice for starting out Fallout Wasteland Warfare, please let me know in the comment sections! 🙂

Until next time,


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