Hobby Challenge Showcase

The painting challenge I started a few months ago was both a celebration to mark the tenth anniversary of The Island of Blood release, and a chance to try and set up a community challenge for the WordPress Warhammer community. It was a chance for me to be engaged with the community in a way that not only draws in people to my blog, but its also a way of me giving back to the community by showing our shared passion for this hobby we share to all.

Hobbyists that took part in the challenge came from many parts of the world. For some it was a look back to a time when Warhammer Fantasy Battles was a part of their childhood, or for some it was the games they played or the armies they collected that inspired them to take part in the challenge. Whether its the vile backstabbing Skaven or the elegant and prideful High Elves, both factions had in some way inspired us by the rich history and sculpts of visual delight that made us love and hate them.

Today is a showcase of the talented painters who took part and express their memories/ thoughts on The Island of Blood through their chosen miniature.

I’ve decided not to feature photos of the participants models as I would like the posts of their featured models to get the views and attention they deserve. Don’t worry I have the links to the blogposts at the end of this post.

Anyways, without further or do I present the High Elves and skaven painting challenge!

Scent of a Gamer

First up is two Skaven Assassins from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the first Skaven sculpt to receive the AoS treatment. A Scent of a Gamer painted these two sculpts by painting one as a the original Eshin assassin and the other as a Warpstone copy. a clever way of not only painting the same sculpt with different colour themes, but also to represent the assassins ability in game. I like this sculpt and the colour schemes used for the models, it adds character to the Skaven assassin who can be contrasted from the rest of the miniatures from the Silver Tower set. A shady rat who may not be the mightiest warrior or powerful mage, but equally as deadly when the time is right to strike!

A Butterfly’s Hobby Tally

The next hobbyist has a few miniatures that were part of The Island of Blood set, the High Elves Mage and the on foot version of Prince Althran. Painted in striking red and white, these two hero’s are the sword and shield of the High Elves. Both embody a mix of mystical history, magical might and the war like fury that Ulthuan’s defenders are known for. It was great to see some TIoB minatures being entered into the challenge as its a great way of showing the best of the High Elves range and the sculpts that have sadly been discontinued for some time now.  A fantastic selection of miniatures painted by A Butterfly’s Hobby Tally!

Azazel Bitzbox 

From what I read Azazel was going to take part in the hobby challenge, however, I cant seem to find the post. I’ve mentioned Azazel here as the hobby challenge gained some attention thanks to Azazels post on spreading the word. Thank you Azazel for spreading the word about the hobby challenge!


The Warlock Bombardier was released last year as part the Carrion Empire boxset for a limited stock run. later on in 2019 the Skaven Battletome release, alongside a scenery piece and three Endless spells. thankfully the Bombardier came back months later (Much to our Kin’s impatients). Unlike it’s other tech obsessed Rat-kin the Bombard wields a Doomrocket which does exactly what it says on the missile. Kaboom!!!

Wudugast has done an amazing job at painting this miniature! The yellow and green colours contrast with the darker colours. The square base fits just right with the model scale, I wonder if GW had intended it to originally be released for 8th ed or End Times?

And that is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this post and please check out the bloggers to see all their hobby works on their blog. If you took part in the challenge but didn’t get mentioned in the post, send me a comment with a link to your miniature entry post (that’s in date from start to the end of the challenge) and I’ll add you on the list. My apologies if I did miss you out!

links below on all the bloggers featured here today.

A Butterflys Hobby tally= https://abutterflyshobbytally.blogspot.com/2020/08/ten-years-after-island-of-blood.html

Scent of a Gamer= https://scentofagamer.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/skaven-and-high-elves-painting-challenge/

CoD= https://convertordie.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/doom-rocket/

Azazel= https://azazelx.com/2020/08/10/skaven-and-high-elves-painting-challenge/ 

Until next time,


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