Last week in the middle of nowhere….

Weeks ago it was a sunny week so off in the car with the family to the countryside. Stopped by a nice roadside in the middle of nowhere to sit down and have a drink. I did some looking around a bountiful nature with trees blocking the sun, until I noticed something not quite right……

See this? Just a natural thing right? Look closer…….

See it? Yeah…….I thought it was just some rock graffiti that edgy people do to look cool. But as I went up the other way, things got even more weirder………

Faces, names….

I’m lost for words on how to describe this strange place, it’s out in the middle of nowhere in a obscure place. There was a bonfire near one of the trees that’s long been burnt out with the only evidence being the smokey ashes.

I came back last week to take some more photos.

I think I’ve entered a secret cult site. Must be, why do the faces keep staring at me………


4 thoughts on “Last week in the middle of nowhere….

    1. It’s hard to say as information on the place is hard to find. It’s a strange place considering it’s out in the middle of nowhere, about a mile or so near a really tiny village.

      So many questions. From what I could see it’s just face carvings and names etched on the ground and walls. It could be a local tradition or some very secret group who meet up at the place every fortnight.

      Or it’s just a place graffitied. I’m hoping to find out more if I can find anything.

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      1. Wow, so mysterious, I like it. 🙂

        I think I might use the pictures to come up with an idea for a D&D adventure or at least an encounter or a place in the campaign setting. Thank you for sharing, it is very cool.

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