Stormvermin WIP

Recently I’ve been slowly painting my Stormvermin during my break, a unit that should’ve been painted nearly five years ago now.

Despite my delayed efforts, I’ve nearly reached the end of painting my armoured elite rat guards yes-yes. Thanks to Wudugast for the horde painting advice, I’ve slightly altered the way I paint hordes by painting it in batches of five minis, rather than a whole unit in a batch.

I only need to paint four more (not five as I used one for kitbashing my own Clawlord on a Brood Horror). Once painted, I can use this unit as a battleline unit for Skaventide lists, all together that gives me a total of three battleline units in my collection.

Then finally I only need to paint two more units of Clanrats to finish off my unpainted battleline units. I can’t wait to finally unshackle the chains of having neglected Clanrats in my box of backlogs!

Until next time,


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