I’m back……

Yup, after two weeks of silence (of sorts) from blogging I’ve returned to posting the usual.

What happened?

Well things just got out of control for me due to several things that made me stop posting. I needed a break away from blogging to take a refresh and take a break. Constantly doing the repetitive cycle of making posts can fell daunting, it does get to you eventually.

So taking a step back and focus on editing drafts now and again was good change for me, as I had more time to get blog posts written up that I wouldn’t usually have time for.

Other reasons for my absence was due to the fact that I wanted to go outside more. After staying inside with barely much exercise going outside has made me uninspired and lacking the fresh air needed to think clearly. When the lockdown restriction on exercise was changed to unlimited in the U.K., that was when I wanted to do more outdoor exercise (following government guidelines).

None of my friends have contacted me during the pandemic. A few haven’t really contacted me much in months or years, last we saw each other was at P16 (these guys I don’t blame as we’ve quite far apart from each other today with our own lives). But my only contact with a friend who lives near me (or was a regular contact from time to time) has not said a word to me. I won’t go into details on the complexity of our friendship, but let’s just say I’ve been let down so many times (and at one time being tricked despite my feelings being very clear on the matter) that I don’t care about him anymore.

I feel like this pandemic has given me time to reflect on things like friendship. It’s made me realise that I need to move on and find new friends that are my equals. I’m at the age now where I’m not bound by those that I call friends that want to shape me as their biased agenda or opinions. I’ve grown to see that I can be capable of being a better person without being put down, feeling below said persons ego and having to be reminded of my emotional faults when said person can break said rule for themselves.

I need people that I and they can see as equals who I don’t need to agree with, but respect them for their individual opinions and decisions.

12 thoughts on “I’m back……

    1. It’s life I guess, but on the bright side there’s tons of plastic miniatures to glue and paint!

      I was going to send the artwork as it’s own post, but I wasn’t too sure it would be enough on it’s own. So I’ve added it to this post to brighten things up (or melt the brains of my readers as the photo steals their essence).

      I hope Waz likes it! Maybe he can crack the morse code Tomlinson did in a hurry on the postcard?

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      1. Alrighty, here’s some suggestions-

        •EPII, Roller Monster by Carpenter Brut
        •Main menu, Lost planet 2
        •Cultist base, Doom Eternal by Mick Gordon
        •Command and Control, Doom Eternal by Mick Gordon
        •Hardwired, Hardwired by Mitch Murder
        •Grace Omega, Jin Roh by Mizoguchi Hajime
        •My Brother, Berserker by Shiro Sagisu
        •I am the Law, Among the Living by Anthrax
        •Among the Living, Among the Living by Anthrax
        •Fight ‘em till you can’t, Worship the music by Anthrax
        •Skullhacker, Doom by Mick Gordon
        •Blake and Schofield, 1917 by Thomas Newman
        •Sixteen hundred men, 1917 by Thomas Newman
        •Marooned, The Division Bell by Pink Floyd
        •Once, there was an explosion, Death Stranding by Ludvig Forssel
        •Hawk kings, Abolition of the royal familia by The Orb
        •Dame Tu Tormento, Blasphemous by Carlos Viola
        •The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Vol 1 by Daniel Pemberton
        •The Loner, The platinum collection by Gary Moore
        •Over the Hills and far away, The platinum collection by Gary Moore
        •Moon (Brame and Hamo mix), Moon (Remixes) singles by TSHA
        •Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts, Standing on the verge of getting it on by Funkadelic
        •Who are you?, Wattswave V: The Web of life by Akira the don and Alan Watts
        •Utrenia, Hospodi by Batushka
        •Part 1- Festival junction (live), Ellington at Newport (complete) by Duke Ellington

        That’s all I have for now, I could take hours suggesting all sorts of music. However I think these will more than fulfil a whole session for painting. Enjoy!

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