I’ve taken a break away from my Stormcast Eternals painting to go back to one of my old projects: the Skaven! It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with the Skaven so I wanted to get back into the project with a kitbashed monstrosity.

I wanted to build a mount for a new hero model to go face to face with mounted hero opponents. Unless it’s a Screaming Bell or a Plague Furnace, you’ll be a petty thing as a on foot Warlord against a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth.

I needed a disgusting mount that would inspire and scare my subjects to my cause. A beast of Clans Moulder design, a fierce fighter like the Warlord Clans and the diseased blessing of the Clans Pestilence. But what to base my latest creature?

Do you remember the Warlord on Broodhorror kit made by Forge World?

It’s not a particularly spectacular model unless your a Clans Moulder collector, the Brood Horror would make for a fine addition to the horde. But what if you don’t like the Warlord Version of the kit and prefer a plastic kit to customise?

Well, I made just that. Meet my Clawlord/ Plague Priest on Brood Horror.

This mounted Clawlord will be part of my Warlord Clans aspect for my hombrew Clan Skelnix. Having another Clawlord on foot would be boring as I’ve already got two on foot, so having this latest mounted model will spice things up.

As for his subjects? Well I only have two units of twenty Clan rats painted since starting the project. Not a lot of troops to command indeed. I’m not great at painting horde units as a fact.

Well, after learning some advice from a fellow blogger and horde painting expert, Wudugast, I’ll be using his/her advice on painting Hordes. That means painting more rat-men as part of my next project going forwards.

On the left is twenty Clanrats with hand weapons and shield, in the centre are fifteen Stormvermin and on the right are an extra twenty Clanrats to be added to one of my existing units to make a unit of 40x.

Until next time,


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