Nearly there

With every project comes great opportunities to explore new colour schemes, miniatures to build and kitbash, to theme on existing lore or even your own homebrew story. To display your entire work before you and know that your hard work, the passion you’ve poured into the project, is earned by the end of your journey.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing that feeling back when I finished my last unit of Decimators. My own Stormhost Warrior Chamber was a monumental task to collect and paint, getting that consistent blue mix was a task that I took on and tried to replicate throughout my collection. To see the last Decimators painted was like a long awaited confirmation that I could paint an army project to the end. No grey plastic insight, I did the impossible on such an ambitious project.

Whilst the Knights of Mousillon Stormhost is still receiving units to its ever growing force, to have 1/3 of a Warrior Chamber completed is no small matter. It’s because I motivated myself to get through to the end has in itself become the motivation to get me through the additional units. Whenever I get bogged down painting a Knight of Mousillon I’ll just remind myself and say ‘you painted a Warrior Chamber, in a day you’ll get this retinue done!’.

So what’s all this talk of getting to the end, finishing a project as if I’m actually there again? Well……

I’ve got all the units needed to finish my Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber project! This project has been going on for the past two years (ever since I finished reading Soul Wars by Josh’s Reynolds), a slow but gradual progress of building 1/3 of a Sacrosanct Chamber force.

I was lucky enough to have gotten my hands on the Battleforce boxset for the Stormcast Eternals Sacrosanct Chamber. Inside the kit has a wealth of options for customisation and alternative build options. It’s great for new or current collectors of the Sacrosanct Chamber, as it has everything you need to play a decent sized army.

Since I have a Sacrosanct Chamber on the go, this was a perfect choice to fill in the gaps needed to finish the project, Inspired Soul Wars Collection series.

I decided to get the battleforce because I wasn’t able to continue buying the Mortal Realms collection, due to current world situation that’s halted life as we knew it. I was quite saddened to cancel my reserve as the price was worth collecting each issue, especially since I have both a Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals Collection.

So what did I do? Well I’ve split the set in two to reinforce my Anvils of the Heldenhammer project, and the other for my Knights of Mousillon project.

There are a few more units left including 2x Evocators on Dracoline and one spare Evocator on foot. I’m not sure what to do with the Dracoline unit as I only have two left (the third was built as a Lord-Arcanum). I’ll either use the for my Knights of Mousillon project, or as part of my Knights of Excelsior Skirmish project.

As for my last remaining Evocator, I think I’ll try and kitbash it into either a Knight-Incantor or a Lord Ordinator. Either way, both would be useful for my Knights of Mousillon project.

The real challenge is getting some matt black spray paint. I’ll have to wait till Friday or even next week until the DIY shop can deliver the spray cans. Such limitations of isolation eh?

Stay safe Stormlings,


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