Stormcast Eternals: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost Collection

This collection is probably one of my most recognisable feature on the blog, from my old lore fiction posts (Now retconned to be replaced by a new and more organised background), to the colour scheme of deep pastel blue and royal red, silver and black and how it’s become my personified profile identity for Bjorn the Stormborn.

The collection is currently split into three chambers including a Warrior Chamber, Vanguard Chamber and WIP Sacrosanct Chamber. Over the years as GW adds more golden bucket knights in various forms for profit, I’ve been including new chambers to build a big collection of many.

Currently, I’ve completed my Warrior Chamber with room for additional hero models to be included. The Vanguard Chamber is still ongoing but has been put aside as I don’t see it as an essential need to work on. As for my latest addition of the Sacrosanct Chamber, I’m currently including models from the Mortal Realms series (if I’m not including them into my Anvils of the Heldenhammer project), which has slowly grown for a few weeks now.

For the project having a drastically different origin story and history, it came down to the fact that I didn’t like the way I originally done my homebrew work. It was done at a time when AoS lacked depth and context to make sense of who, what, where and why in the Mortal Realms. So my story was all over the place trying to create something that can be expanded in games and campaign stories.

My new homebrew lore is less focused on detailing the origins and history of the Stormhost, and more focused on covering the basics that can be explored and expanded later on. Taking me two months so far to construct the basis of my Stormhost lore, it’ll be out very soon once I’m satisfied with what I’ll be presenting.

As for the name change, the Stormhost was originally called the Lords of the Pisces. However, I’ve scrapped that with a new Stormhost name, the Knights of Mousillon. Inspired by the lore in the Bretonnia Army book, I wanted to keep alive part of a particular section of the lore with this collection. I think it’s a great tribute to all of the contributors of artists and writers of the 90’s Bretonnia army book.

I’ve gone on long enough now, so here’s a gallery of what I’ve collected so far (except the Sacrosanct Chamber, that’ll be added at some point in the future). Enjoy!

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