#Fembruary challenge 2020

First things first, this is my first time entering a blogging community challenge, it took me awhile but I’ve finally got the courage to start.

Second thing is, I ain’t that good at painting feminine miniatures.

But hey, that’s what challenges are for, to test yourself and overcome areas that your not comfortable at.

If you don’t know what the Fembruary challenge is, it’s a yearly challenge set up by a blogger named Alex, also known as leadballoony. The challenge is to paint a female miniature in February, from any genre and any miniature company you like.

For more information on the challenge, here’s a link to Alex’s blog post. http://leadballoony.com/2020/02/03/leadballoonys-3rd-fembruary-challenge/


So what am I painting for Fembruary? Well I’ve already painted my first female miniature as part of a unit that I did today. A unit of Castigators for my revamped Stormhost (that I’ll elaborate in detail once I’ve finished writing the lore post. Not long now!).

Ignore the two male Stormcast Eternals, the female miniature is on the right.

Is that it? No, I’ve got another female model to paint next week! Since I’m collecting the Mortal Realms magazine to build up my existing Stormhosts (my revamped one and the Anvils of the Heldenhammer). I’m hoping my newsagent will be able to reserve next Wednesday copy as it will have the exclusive female Knight-Incantor miniature.

If they can’t reserve it due to high demand, I have a plan B! But I’ll share that at another time.

Before I go, just as a sneak peak to my big lore post on my homebrew Stormhost, I have a digital artwork of one of my characters thats a female Lord-Arcanum. #Fembruary2020

Until next time,


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