Inspired Soul Wars: Lord-Exorcist

I’m back on my Inspired Soul Wars project after a four month break, and I’ve got a lot of work to do! The first of 2020 edition for the project is a model many of you will recognise from my contrast testing post, and I think I even included in a previous post in the series. Either it was going to be a Lord-Ordinator or a Lord Exorcist.

The latter would be my choice for who this model would represent in game, and with a new base for model, he looks pretty cool!

I can imagine this model is a still life of the Lord-Exorcist powered by the light of Azyr, as he banished the fell spirits of Nagash to cleanse the souls (and Sigmar steals these souls to be reformed as Stormcast Eternals).

I’m nearly done with the hero units for the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber army. I just need a Lord-Ordinator, a Lord-Arcanum and one more Knight Incantor. I’ll hopefully get these through the Mortal Realms collection, if it’s not too silly like one frame per issue of an incomplete model.

Next up I’ve got a unit of twenty Chainrasp Hordes to paint, my last two Sequitors to paint for my two units to make the a minimum playable unit and ten more Chainrasp Hordes to make my other unit a twenty unit strong horde.

Until next time,


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