Astral Bears project: Vanguard Marines

The warriors of Gobi Khan are known to be brash, arrogant and selflessly willing to go straight towards the enemy in fast past paced Skirmish counter attacks. They are the decedents of the White Scars who follow the chapters way of war in their own way.

But even the Astral Bears are known to lose many warriors for their reckless actions, and in these times of great uncertainty there needs to be a balance or else the chapter will lose it’s strength in numbers. The Vanguard Primaris Space marines are the answer to this balance.

I had some spare Reivers that were from a previous project, which I used paint remover to get a smooth clear plastic surface (not 100%). I then kitbashed the unit as an Infiltrator unit, using bitz that I could find that would look close to the official kit.

It’s saved me some money and I do like the end result of the unit, maybe it could be improved if I had the exact spray can I use for the project as I had to mix the metallic effect. Long story short, the spray can I got wasn’t available anywhere else and it was a small can. So I had to make my own for awhile.

Luckily I’ve got a new can of metallic red which I’m going to use over an under cost of red so I’m not using too much paint.

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