Astral Bears 4th Demi Company Collection: kitbashed Primaris Captain

I needed to include a Primaris Captain to my collection, so rather than buying the Primaris Captain kit, I’ve decided to kitbash my own using some spare bitz. Using a Sequitor model from the easy to build set, I’ve used parts from Primaris kits, Verminlord Deceiver head crest, Space wolf totem trinkets, Fyreslayer keys, an old space marine power sword and a Sister of Silence topknot.

My army had a Khan on a bike as a temporary leader of the demi Company, which at least linked my project to the White Scars (a Successor chapter without bikes is un-Chogorian). However, I wanted to make my project entirely Primaris based chapter, so I wanted a Primaris Captain even if he doesn’t have a bike option.

I’m half way through my demi Company project now, there’s just some units to include like a Fast attack unit and an elite unit. Maybe I might include some Rhinos to transport my squads (I dong care if it’s lore breaking, I’m not keen on paying transport Primaris vehicle that cost nearly as much as a Land Raider).

I’ve got a unit of Intercessors to paint as my third and final troop unit. Hopefully I’ll have them done very soon.

Until next time,


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