12 days of Winter|My top ten posts of 2019

This year has been a colossal challenge of painting three new projects, two rebasing projects, a complete revamp of my Flesh Eaters Court project to transfer me collection into the Ogor Mawtribe project and reading many books!

But what would my top ten post be for this year? Which one deserves to be the highlight of 2019? Well check out my list and see what was my number one post of the year. Enjoy!

10) 1 year anniversary post on my Soul Wars project


9) Primaris Pedro Kantor, Crimson Fist project


8) Kitbashed Chaos Siege Giant, Khorne Bloodbound Skullfiend Tribe project


7) Bretonnia project using historical miniatures


6) The Rats Trilogy overview


5) My unofficial Fly on the Wall Post Apocalypse saga fan fiction


4) My first plastic kit


3) Book reading challenge 2019 achieved


2) The Dark Angel, 10th anniversary miniature tribute and tribute to my dog


1) The Night Lords Legion project


There you have it, my top ten posts of 2019. A difficult list to make due to the amount of posts that I really liked, but I’m happy enough with the final decision on what I think are the best of my blog for this year.

Join me back tomorrow as I post another 12 days of Winter post.

Until next time,


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