Extract to part 1 of the fan made Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga

As part of my 12 days of Winter daily blog posts, I’ve included the first part of my non cannon fan fiction story based on the Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalypse saga. After completing my prologue story, a pilot of sorts, I did some writing on the first part of the story.

Luke and Woz enjoyed the prologue, and read it on their podcast for their Post apocalyptic saga special. I have no idea if anyone liked it or what the viewers thought about this alternative story. For all I know, Dexton might be my only fan…….

I heard the extract and found a few issues with my writing, some parts work others not so much. Whilst focusing on the characters and backstory for most of the prologue was good, I did however notice that it relied on people listening to the podcast series to get a better understanding of where I’ve gone with my alternative timeline.

Why write a fan made story? I have two reasons for doing this, 1) I wanted to try my hand at writing stories on my blog to see wether people will like it and wether my work is substantial. Ive done plenty of fictional writing on the blog before, but only as lore background to my homebrew work. I wanted to try writing fictional stories to broaden my blog into different subjects. If it goes well I might try doing more story posts for other projects. 2) Because I really liked the post apocalyptic saga that Woz and Luke have created, it’s a fun audio story that takes some twist and turns you wouldn’t be expecting. I’m hoping my contribution to the fandom will get others to add their own work into the podcast.

Anyways, as an early treat for you guys I’ve decided to reveal an extract to my non cannon fan made story of the Post Apocalyptic Saga. Enjoy!


In the distant future of today, life had changed dramatically after the outbreak of the virus, a plague that had struck the modern day society with one fell swoop. The virus was believed to have been similar to the Ebola virus, based on the physical signs that matched medical research into the Ebola virus. Anyone in contact with the virus would surely die slow and painfully, as the virus takes hold of the innocent, the damned and the foolish.

At first it was believed that the virus was Ebola, which somehow infected the world uncontrolled, and free to kill anyone in contact to it’s sickening spread. Those that lived past the first stages of the virus soon realised that it wasn’t Ebola, for the virus wasn’t just a disease, it mutated. The infected started to mutate, growing new limbs, animalistic features and reformed into monstrous proportions, like an accelerated evolutionary change of nature’s doing. Birthing a new variety of races of mutants, these. Creatures would form their own clans, warbands or isolated lives away from the rest of it’s kin.

No longer did the virus kill the weak, for the weak were all dead, and the strong were rewarded with new changes as they became mutants. However, these enhancements came at the cost of their own freedom of individuality and expression, mindless to the whispers of its new master.

But the survivors of Australia had not been easily defeated into misery like other nations, for this is a land of fighters and survivalists. They started to form communities, organised law groups, traders and hunters in this new and disturbing world.

As the wasteland recovered from the apocalypse and started rebuilding itself for over six years, a new threat emerged from the shadow of a vast army of mutant soldiers. They call their master the Dark Mind, the one they followed and enacted it’s will to kill and eradicate the human population to make war for the new earth.

Who is the Dark mind? What are its goals and how did it came to be for it to have outsmarted the government, the military and the world. No one knows for sure, it’s a spoken blessing by the mutants to give praise to this foul leader. Like a hive mind in the shadows it has so far not been seen by human eyes, more than likely to be in a safe place to be able to wove its malicious plans.

It’s army marches on as they raid settlements for fresh meat, Slaves and vessels to absorb. Mankind is now on the brink of extinction.

They proclaim that this act of atrocity will be heralded as the Final apocalypse, and the new mankind will flourish and prosper. Wether populated by the mutant army or something far more disturbing is as of yet up for debate.

Now in the wasteland desert of Australia, four travellers set off to find an old water purification power plant facility in the wastes. There they believe that this is the source of the virus that caused the apocalypse in Australia. Still producing clouds of pollution into the atmosphere and the lake it’s sited on. Pumping the virus into inland Australia where it can mutate or kill those inland that survived the apocalypse.

Soon, our race will die and fade into the desert like a forgotten civilisation of old, our history, linage, hate, war, achievements and prosperity will die along with us.

The Final apocalypse begins………


As a bonus treat for you guys, I have a digital artwork done as a cover for part 2 (WIP writing that). I can’t spoil what it means, but for those of you who know my blog will understand what this pays homage to.

Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and looking forward to the full first part. Check out the Fly on the Wall Podcast hosted by Luke and Woz, they do all sorts of topical subjects and host their Post Apocalyptic Saga series.

Until next time,


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