Update on my Ogor Mawtribe, the Bloodgullet Mawtribe

Last week I got my copy of the Ogor Mawtribes battletome, a fantastic book (for lore stuff in my opinion) that is probably one of GW’s best to date, and that’s a compliment I rarely give GW these days. It’s a shame that they decided to put the new plastic Ogor Tyrant as a box set exclusive (which sold out just like the Carrion Empire set with two exclusive models as well) rather than as a single pack release.

But let’s not get too deep into the ‘GW does another one’ rant post. It’s all about the Gorkamorkas biggest and meanest brutes that aren’t Greenskin, the Ogors.

Let’s recap my Ogor Mawtribe project and what’s changed since the army book came out.

After much reading I’ve decided to use the Bloodgullet tribe as a basis for my collection, as my models look exactly like a Bloodgullet. Since the faction is led by a Butcher (Tyrants rarely get overthrown by butchers, but for Bloodgullet Wargluts they are known to be replaced by the mystic chefs) I’ve nominated my Butcher as the leader of my army.

Originally I did have a Tyrant model to lead my army, but having read that Ironguts need at least 4x models, I instead made that model a champion of my Ironguts.

Other units have stayed the same including two units of three Gluttons, a unit of 15x Gnobblars and a unit of two Gorgers.

Now for the latest additions to the project, I have a ranged unit of a Gnobblar Scarplauncher, made using a Wizkid catapult kit and some spare models to follow the theme of ‘ghouls’ and ‘death’.

By the awesome might of the eternal hungry maw of Gorkamork do I love my medieval horror…………(°) W (°)

Next, my own kitbashed scenery version of the Great Mawpot. I didn’t want to spend £25 on the plastic kit so I went and created my own.

Thats pretty much everything I’ve done so far for my Ogor Mawtribe Collection. I have plans to push this project to 1,500pt list including a Giant as an ally unit, a unit of Leadbelchers which will let me unlock the Butchers warband battalion warscroll and possibly add some more Gnobblars this finish off my army.

That’s all for today!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Update on my Ogor Mawtribe, the Bloodgullet Mawtribe

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      This project is strange one for me considering that it was actually stuff that I did to the now scrapped FEC project. The gritty flesh eating theme seems to really fit these guys.

      I’m considering making a blog post on how to make a scratch built Maw pot, I’ve been making a few scratch built stuff for awhile now that I want to use for tutorial guides.


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