Update on my wargaming journey

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on for the past couple of weeks now that has distracted me from posting much on the blog. RL stuff and some work on two existing projects that I’ve been putting a lot of effort into.

For the first time in years I’ve had my first Warhammer 40k game (8th ed) with my dad, a fun and surprisingly quick game that at first was a slog going back and forth on the weapon rules. A Death Guard vs Primaris Crimson Fists battle using the Know no Fear datasheets.

I liked how the battle progressed throughout the game that relies on both shooting and combat, compared to AoS where there aren’t as many shooting units as the games tends to focus on charging in and commencing battle. Although, AoS is a lot less complicated with the warscroll sheet having everything in on place. With 40k, it’s the back and forth on finding the weapons stats and other rules in play.

But it could be due to the fact that this was my first time playing 8th edition and teaching my dad how to play the game. After a few more games I might have a better grasp on the different game system.

Anyways here’s what our battlefield looked like for our first 40k game.

The grass matt hasn’t been used for years so it’s been creased quite badly. But I didn’t fuss about it too much as it looked great along with my scenery, which I’ll be showing off in detail in a later post.

It looks less like a battlefield and more like a training course, but I hope to add more buildings and scenery to make it look more 40k grim dark. Currently I’m making some sandbag cover scenery like the barricades, just to add more cover for our gaming table. I’d like to make some scratch built buildings for better gaming opportunities, having cover, sniper nests and visual environment of the battle taking place in the grim dark.

Speaking of grim dark, I found this glorious tome today at my usual place of Warhammer treasure hunting!

This Mighty tome was Warhammer 40k’s 7th edition rulebook, packed with rules, art, lore and hobby material. How much did this cost? 99p, no joke, this costs as much as a bag of sweats! The reason why could be that the spine of the book is loose (but still intact to hold the pages) and the book is worn on the sides (with fold out pages being pressed by bad care).

I think this rulebook was the one that didn’t go down well with the community, I heard somewhere that 7th ed got a bad reputation like Fantasy 8th ed. To me, this book has too many rules to read just to play the game, no wonder I couldn’t get into Warhammer 40k back in the day.

Anyways that’s enough from me for today. I’ve got some more 40k goodness coming soon to the blog including my Iron Warriors project, my new 40k project built from neglected models, and more Primaris Soul Drinkers.

Until next time,


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