Two successor chapters of Dorn, now the third and final chapter for the trinity collection

In the early days of the blog I started my Black Templars project as my main Space marine army for the Imperium faction, a chance to paint my favourite successor chapter of Dorn’s gene stock. A challenging project that took time, patience and effort to paint a decent sized force.

Then earlier this year, I started my Primaris Crimson Fists project, another famous successor chapter of the son’s of Dorn. A small but thematic army that was inspired by Mike Lee’s Crimson Fist novel, Legacy of Dorn. This project is nearly done, with only just a few more units to add to finish off this project.

Today, I’ve decided that I wanted to combine my past two projects into one large army collection, because by chance they are the gene sons of Dorn who can be combined as one big army. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, as it’s like one big Space marine collection that’s very much linked by their gene farther.

Although they can be played separately as their respective chapter, there can be an option for creating one big gathering of space marines who’d join forces to fight against a common enemy (my Iron Warrior Death Guard project for example, which is by far larger than both successor chapter collections).

But I think there’s room for one more chapter to be include in this massive gathering (Apocalypse sized force maybe?), a chapter that is by lore a dead chapter.

But who’s to say they can’t be brought back as a Primaris Space marine chapter in the 42nd millennium.

It’s time to bring in the Soul Drinkers. Primaris Phobos Captain

Today I present my first miniature for the Soul Drinkers project, a Primaris Phobos Captain that I’ve kitbashed using a Reiver and other bitz to create my own Captain. I wanted to take advantage of my spare Reivers and save money on making my own HQ models.

I didn’t like the official Phobos Captain as it looked too clean and crammed with too many parts. My version takes elements from the official model and scales it back to make its function as a stealth marine. No capes, wearing a helmet, has small gothic style parts and of course, the servo skull.

On the base is a Necron Overlord, a resin model I’ve hated and regretted buying during the days of Finecast. It was very easy to break and sanding down to fit onto the base, which looks better than when it was a neglected model.

Of course the Necron is a reference to one of the books, which I haven’t read that one yet as I’m still reading the first Omnibus, but I think people who have read the Soul Drinkers series will get the reference.

Because I’m nearly done with the Iron Warriors DG project very soon, I’m just starting this project and another project (all will be revealed soon) that will be my primary focus.

For the narrative on why the Soul Drinkers are back is as of yet being worked on, I need some time to read the Soul Drinkers series to get a full grasp on the chapters philosophy and combat preference. I know the bear basics on the chapters fall and ending from watching some lore videos, but I hardly know the journey nor events that took place in the six part series. Years ago I did read the first book in the first Omnibus, but I got so sidetracked by Rl stuff and that I lost track of the story and characters.

Hopefully now I can get back into the book and really take in the story and lore of the Soul Drinkers. So far I find the first book to be a bit silly, however, it’s an interesting theme on the Imperium and it’s faults from its many organisations. I’m so looking forward to the Crimson Fists story!

I’ll be returning to this project later on when I’ve got my plans in order on what I want to add to the project.

Until next time,


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