Cast me some rat magic

Magic? The Old World? Skaven?

For many this might be something you’ve never seen before, and for a few you might remember this card reference set. Like many of the other Warhammer factions, it wasn’t on sale for long. Truth is, GW used to have a habit of limited time products for Warhammer 8th ed. From Storms of Magic assets, a few limited print expansions like Blood in the Badlands and even the End Times paperback editions (kinda limited since they went in months when AoS came out).

Magic cards are like AoS gaming cards of today, easy to read and accessible for quicker gaming sessions. The Skaven had their magic cards back in their second wave release, after their 7th edition army book came out a year before.

Limited by a few packs per store, this set would’ve never got into my hands by the time it was released. Luckily I got my pack from my local GW a few days earlier before its release date. I can remember the manager showing me all the new Skaven stuff that came in the second wave, I don’t think he was allowed to. But as a compromise, I didn’t open the pack or become an ass by selling it on eBay until release day.

I got the cards for ease of play. Did I get better at playing Warhammer? Nope, but at least I didn’t get moaned at for taking time to read the text.

Looking back, wouldn’t Warhammer 8th edition be so much better if it had AoS profile cards? It would’ve made the game way easier for me back then.

Anyways, what’s in the pack?

you get three gorgeous art backing of the three magic lores in Skaven society, Clan Skryre magic, Clan Pestilence magic and a Greyseer exclusive spell. In total there are thirteen cards (it had to be), whilst only two clans could do magic on their respective lores, the Greyseers and I think even the Verminlords can pick both spells and their own single exclusive spell.

For the Clan Skryre they get six spells

Pestilence get the same amount of spells, but with a topping of infections.

Finally, the big one!

Fun fact, I did mange at one time, and only one time to this day to have successfully cast this spell! I think about four High Elves got turned into Skaven Clanrats!

Thats all for today. Yesterday I came back from my four day holiday, refreshed and ready to do some blogging. I’ve still more Summer of Hobbying 2019 posts to do for next week. I’ll be working on my AoS Nurgle army showcase post, which will be out a day or two.

until next time,


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