Ghoul Grots

Already I’m hard at work with adding more stuff to my Ghoul Gutbusters collection, aiming at 1,250pt list as my new goal. My collection lacked something that all Gutbuster tribes have that is essential for their survival, a vital part of keeping the Ogres in line and fed well ( or to the Ghouls ones, some sort of tiny hope of being full).

I’m talking about the Gnob….. I mean Grots! These little cunning cowards are a vital part of Ogre society, as they bring food and manual labour needs in return for protection. But my Grots aren’t just like their kin, for mine are Ghoul Grots of course!

So far I’ve done 15x Grots with a mixture of heads from various kits, and kitbashed them into Crypt Ghoul models. To carry on the theme of Gutbusters and Shyish, this unit has both elements of the Grots and their horrible disfigured bodies. Ghoulisim has turned these cunning tricksters too as they have become hungry savage lunatics, but more cunning than the Ghoul Gutbuster Ogre.

I’ll be painting this unit in a couple of days using either contrast paint, or my own colour scheme.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll be back later on in the week to show the Ghoul Grots painted. Then decided what I’ll be doing next for my Ghoul Gutbusters project.

Until next time,


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