The Ghoul Gutbusters

Gutbuster Tyrant bellows his lungs out as he demands more meat sacrifices for him to feast on.

The Gorgers aren’t worth doing diplomacy with…….

The Butcher has a strange affinity to the winds of Shyish, his magic can summon spirits from the underworld that his culture believes they’ll go to once they die in battle.

Gorgrunk’s mercenaries for hire, drenched in Shyish lifestyle and morbid existences compared to other Orruk cultures. They seek to find a worthy battle to win back their places in their tribe, exile for them seems like eternity…….

Afflicted by the curse of the Flesh-Eater Courts Ghoulisim, the Ogres desire for food is more extreme and eternal as they can never be full from a feast. Even a raid on a city will feel like a snack that quickly goes away.

The Ironguts are both the elite bodyguards of the Tyrant and the butchers with years of experience. Their years of constant hunger has less them to become more desperate in combat, seeking a foe of worthy skill and tender flavour to devour.

The Ghoul Gutbusters are marching on seeking their next meal, either dead or alive will do them fine. Hunger and emptiness will always be on their minds…..

That’s all for now, later on today I’ll be posting my final photography army showcase using a new experiment idea.

Until next time,


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