The death of a project and some (undead) rebirth

For those of you who are new to my blog, years ago I did a post about going on a hiatus working on my Skaven project for AoS (I came back early this year to finish what I left off). I wanted to move on to building my first Death faction for AoS by starting a Flesh-Eaters Court army, after being inspired by the first Battletome. I was fascinated by the concept of deluded monsters and cannibals that see themselves as noble knights on crusades to defeat great and terrible foes.

My past attempts at transferring Death models to AoS weren’t as successful at the time, skeletons were a pain to paint due to my complex colour scheme I had painted them in. So starting a Ghoul army was an exciting opportunity to finally bring to life my own fully painted Death army.

Things were going good at the start as I started with a box (old WHFB box with squares) of ten Crypt Ghouls and one being a Courtier. Then I had two units of Ogres kitbashed as Crypt Horrors, a horror spin on these hungry giants becoming victim of their own cannibal affliction. Finally, I got the Start Collecting! Flesh-Eaters Court starter box, building a Abhorrent Ghoul King on a Terrorgheist, more Crypt Ghouls and three Coutiers.

It was all going well until I hit a wall, I just stopped adding to this project due to not having basing materials to base new units. Not only that, but my attention was wondering off to other projects on the backlog as well as new projects.

That’s when this project was going downhill into the backlog list, every time I’d mention that I’d be getting back into continuing the project (promises that I failed to commit to) I felt less motivated to paint and expand the collection.

However I did notice that my FEC was getting a lot of attention on Pinterest, and the only project that’s been on Pinterest. But still, this didn’t boost my motivation as I felt that I lost the spark that first got me into the project.

So today, I can announce that I’m officially shutting down the FEC project. It’s a sad thing to admit, but I’ve failed to finish this project towards 1,000pt.

But not all is lost! As ever a creative and artistic person that I am, I improve on failures and create something new. Nothing goes to waste.

A few months ago, I did a small Ogre army based on the cannibal horror theme for a Shyish inspired Destruction warband. I made a my Crypt Horror couturier units into two units, 2x Gorgers and one Butcher. My Battleline consisted of two units of three blood soaked Ogres.

What started out as a side project from my FEC soon became a project that could carry on where I failed.

But there was a problem, this project was going to need sacrifices in order to finish this project at 1,000pt, I’ve only assembled at least 500pt worth of models. I wouldn’t be able to afford new stuff as 1) my local GW store hardly has anything in stock, as it’s a small shop and most of the products are online exclusive and 2) price hike came.

I checked my previous projects in storage to see what I could work on, and I found four candidates to destroy and rebuild!

Now you might be thinking, well why not by some new kits? My answer to that would be GW’s recent price hike, it’s not a pretty sight to be honest. For a Tyrant you’ll have to save £25 just for one resin model. For Maneaters you’ll need £25 for one, but the unit is a minimum of three miniatures, meaning you’ll need to spend at least £75 for three resin kits! Madness!

I could proxy Maneaters using baseline Ogres, but that’s £25 for a unit that used to be (from what I can remember, don’t know if I’m right) £23.00 for six Ogres.

If you think that’s bad, check out the Giant and Butcher with cooking bowl prices, I think I’ll substitute Wizkid stuff for those units.

On my first year of blogging I did a unit of three Ogres of Nurgle for my Nurgle AoS army, and a Ogryn for my 40k inquisitor Warband, Silence of the Shroud. Whilst I’m gutted having to destroy my Ogryn model, I knew it was going towards a better cause than gathering dust in a box.

Now I have some WIP photos of my kitbashing work, a unit of Ironguts and a Tyrant.

But wait a minute, what about the Ghouls?

I have a few ideas on what I’ll be doing with my Abhorrent Ghoul king on a Terrorgheist, Abhorrent Ghoul Queen and Crypt Ghouls. The Abhorrents will be used as allies for my Nighthaunt collection as support units, although I might need to rebase them to fit alongside my whole collection. As for the Crypt Ghouls, they’ll be kitbashed into Ghoul Grots as I still have spare Grot heads from my Ork bitz box.

With that I think that’ll be all today. Check back tomorrow as I’ll be showcasing my Gutbuster collection! It’ll be a photography showcase in silvertone filter, then later on this week I’ll be showing new full colour photography of the collection like an army showcase.

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “The death of a project and some (undead) rebirth

  1. I. Can relate to all this and I’m big on “nothing goes to waste” as well. I’m fond of starting new projects because, like you, the creative juices are always flowing so it’s hard to commit to one project. However, I am doing my best to stick to my current Nids project. Price hikes are inevitable and although GW has never really been cheap they are clearly, to me at least, the best. Therefore I’m always going to hand over my wallet haha. I was chatting to a GW store manager once and he said all hobbies are expensive generally. If we were golfers we’d be paying even more for our gear haha. Good luck with it all mate.

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    1. Hahaha … golf! I think that is something they tell their staff to bring up in their talking points, because I’ve heard that one at three or four different GW stores. More than a little truth to it though….

      Best of luck on your new project.

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    2. I think in a way it’s a good thing that the hobby is expensive, as it has that effect where you think ‘I can’t waste this project as I’ve paid a lot into it’. So the creative side is a valuable thing to have when things don’t work out the way it’s planned.

      Your Nid project looks fantastic so far, lots of creative and weird Xenos goodness! That (I think it’s called a Hive Tyrant?) looks badass! All you need now is James Cameron look alike model and one ugly Alien Queen (or H.R. Giger on a power loader).

      I could ramble on about H.R. Giger, but I’d be going off topic lol.

      I’m easily distracted by many projects when I’m currently focused on one that I’m working, one minute it’s the Blades of Khorne project, then it’s the Ghoul Gutbuster project.

      That’s true, it’s a big company that’s got a lot to cover. I think it’s just bizarre how their slapping inflation on older kits, I mean imagine a box of Skaven Clanrats costing £30 in 2025?

      Funny you mention that as I play golf with my dad once or twice a month, although we’re amateurs at playing it. It can be expensive as unlike GW you’ve got to pay to play every time. I still can’t tell if I’m left handed or right handed when playing golf 🤔.

      Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

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