Gaming like it’s Sunday

I’m a painter and collector hobbyist first, gaming second and rarely do so on a regular basis. I don’t have the time or day to play out of town, since my local GW has an odd way of getting new gamers to meet up that’s not a Friday. I have to have a Facebook account in order for the shop to get me to meet up an opponent to play.

I remember a decade ago you could pop into the GW store and meet new people to play with, no booking needed. Just go with your case of miniatures and have fun. There used to be two big tables to play both Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and LoTR.

But for half of the decade the gaming has gone down hill as the shop now only has one table to play, the other used as a introduction table for new customers.

So for a few years I did some games with a friend every summer, with a massive board that was way too big for our 1,000pt/ 2,000pt armies. We eventually stopped as we both went our separate ways. I became a painter and collector with no interest in the gaming aspect of the hobby, and this wouldn’t be as a daily hobby until I started blogging.

Years later my friend contacted me and asked if I’d like to play some AoS games. This would not only take me back into the gaming side, but also my first experience playing AoS. I had tons of fun playing AoS, fuelled a lot of inspirations to my projects.

Sadly this only lasted a year, and I went back into painting and collecting only.

But now I’m back! I’ve got my dad to start playing AoS with me in the afternoon. We’ve had three games so far with a 1,000pt list with my dad using the SE Sacrosanct chamber and me using Clan Moulder, Nighthaunt and my own SE Warrior Chamber. Currently my dads using the gaming cards that come with the Tempest of Souls box set, which has made our games a lot more enjoyable, and quicker for me to teach my dad how to play.

Our last game was our first time using a battleplan which involved protecting our objectives in our zone and capturing the opponents objectives. It was a close one as my dad nearly won the game by a few inches, but I got enough models slain to win the match after turn 5.

Our next step is to try out Skirmish and see how long that’ll take us to play, as our usual 1,000pt games last for about an hour and a half. If Skirmish is quicker with just the recommended 250R game, then we’ll try playing more Skirmish as our regular game.

I’m currently getting my Destruction Skirmish warband organised with some Orruk Ard Boyz (substituting the Ironskull’s Boyz as Ard Boyz) added into my Shyish inspired Ogre force. I’m hoping to create a small but characterful warband that represents the unrelenting nature of the armies of Destruction.

That’s all I have for now, got plenty of work to do painting my Ard Boyz and other projects.

Until next time,


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