Let’s get ready to Waaaaaagggghhh!!!

Another visit to a carboot sale, another new finding! This time it’s all about da greenskins with Gorkamorka Da Uvver Book.

As an Ork collector, who amassed a Bad Moons Tribe army last year, this book is a real treat! There’s lore and background, campaign rules, modelling ideas and extra stuff too!

I’m keen to learn more about Gorkamorka and how to play it, as It could be a good afternoon game with an opponent on a rainy day. You don’t need a lot of models to play Gorkamorka, just a few models, a leader (Ork Nob) and a few vehicles.

Sadly, the basic rules were in a separate book and I couldn’t find it at the carboot stall. So I can’t really play Gotkamorka unless I can find a copy of the rules.

Some of my Bad Moons Tribe Units that I did last year, which can be used in Gorkamorka!

I’m still reading through the book learning about how the Orks crash landed on Angelis on a Space Hulk, and how the Orks started to build crazy stuff to fly back into space.

There are a lot of fun stuff in this book including some creative inspirations on how to modify your Trukk, Trakk and other vehicles. No planes sadly, but that’s because Ork planes didn’t became a physical miniature until a decade or two later.

That’s it for today, I’m going back to work painting an Exalted Chaos Champion of Khorne (Slaves to Darkness) and painting a Troggoth King.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to Waaaaaagggghhh!!!

  1. Really cool find! You can download the gorkamorka rules books as pdf from the internet, just google it. I found them a while back, and really enjoyed reading the lore stuff! I like the “mad max” concept of the game, and would like to create a warband some day. Not necessarily to play, but just as a modelling project.

    Your badmoons are looking great! The gun barrels need drilling though, and the boys want their bases!

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    1. That’s a good idea! Although I’d be a bit sceptical as I’m not sure If the pdf websites can be trusted in case they have bugs or viruses. If there’s one that’s trusted and pretty good I’ll probably use that for many rules and lore.

      The lore is quite interesting considering it’s about twenty years or so old now, the setting has got to be the best Ork story I’ve read so far!

      You could try eBay, carboot sales or discount stores to build your own warband. Or you could go the IRO way and literally kitbash anything using truck, bikes and Ork model kits.

      For the gun barrels, I’m pretty bad at drilling to be honest, my only drill is a clunky old GW one that doesn’t do a good job. I usually paint a black circle to give the impression that there’s a hole (not the most realistic, but it covers my faults).

      As for the bases, the photo on this post is an old one I plucked out of the photo library. Since then I’ve redone their bases to fit with GW’s base change over.


      1. The first google result takes me to “The Lost and The Damned” forum, from where I downloaded the GM books. Seems safe enough.

        I usually buy my minis from eBay, new in sprue, as I can often get a better deal than MSRP locally. Though paying retail wouldn’t be too bad, as the GM warband would be pretty small when compared to a whole 40k army. For me it’s more an issue of time, there’s so many projects I’m already doing/hoping to do 🙂 But an Ork biker gang has been in my mind for a while now, maybe it will happen, sooner or later..

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