The Dark Angel Primaris

I did this diorama model as a 10th anniversary for my tabletop hobby after reaching my tenth year in February.

This was also done in memory of my friend, Leo. A dog with no manners, very greedy for anything that’s food related and always distracted me (when I used to paint at the kitchen table) so he can steal the paint covered kitchen papers. However, he has been there for me when most can’t even relate to me. He’s never betrayed me or used me for agenda or self serving needs (well, the food is a compromise I guess…..).

Ive looked after him throughout my childhood and early adult days as we both grew older, any sign of illness or abnormalities and I’d be asking my parents about it in a flash. He took care of me when I had no friends who I could talk to, or express to about my worries and anxiety.

I thought he’d be stubborn enough to live on until he peacefully passed away in his favourite place by the rug near the coal fire. His place where he could move on peacefully.

But even he couldn’t get that, even my vigilance for his health wasn’t enough. Before he went, I thought he’d be okay, even when the facts were thrown at me that his mental health was deteriorating. I just had the feeling that he’d recover, I pat his back before he left the house one last time to be taken to the vets.

But he was lost, he wasn’t himself anymore as he had strokes twice in that day. I didn’t even get to fulfil my promise to him that I’d be there for him before he passes away.

It’s nearly a year now since he passed away on May 30th. I don’t feel as good as I used to be when Leo was around in my life, the loyalty he gave to me was something I’ve never had with any friendships in my life.

So I wanted to dedicate this painted model to him (although he’d think it was some sort of snack), as a way of showing that I still remember him and to show my gratefulness to his loyalty.


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