Bjorn finds more classic Warhammer books!

Today was a pretty good day, I’ve found more second hand stuff that caught my eye, including three GW stuff and a Judge Dredd annual 1981. But today I’m focusing on the GW stuff, as I’ll be doing a big 2,000AD collection post when I have time to dig out all of my recent findings (trust me, it’s a big one that I’ve been delaying for so long because I keep finding 2,000AD stuff!).

A guy at the local carboot has a few White dwarfs (mostly from the 90’s), a Tau Codex (same style as the Daemonhunters border Codex style) and the two Codex’s you see in the photo. The usual guy I go to for second GW stuff hasn’t been around since late Summer/ early Autumn last year, so it’s been a while for me to find really old GW treasures.

I first picked up the Daemonhunter Codex and the White Dwarf issue as I have tend to not spend too much in one carboot stall when there might be more around (in a big field mind you). After half an hour of searching around and nothing else of interest to find, I went back to the same stall to get some more GW stuff.

The guy gave me a good offer for all the stuff for £5, not a bad deal to be honest, but I couldn’t accept the offer as I was on a tight budget so I chose the Codex Imperialis.

With that, I had a really successful day finding these items of interest, they aren’t worth much, but to me it’s like finding information that’s not in print in current GW products. Like for example the Codex Imperialis has rules and lore on Squats, Squats! a race I haven’t known much since they died out first before I joined the hobby.

Such wealth of old lore, art, models and stories are full of inspiration and information, even if they are outdated and retconned today. The White Dwarf I’ve found today is one of the oldest ones I’ve picked up to date. Dating back to 1996, the contents of the magazine are far more colourful and in your face than today’s White Dwarf magazines. But I can’t deny that it’s a got some awesome content like the J files!

Oh by the way couple of days ago I found a copy of Rouge Trader, the place where Warhammer 40k started. It was on a shelf at an Oxfam store, tempted by this I really wanted it but checking the price my gob smacked the floor when I saw how much it costed, £45!!!

I put the book back on the shelf and moved on…….

Anyways, I’m rambling on at this point so I’ll end it here for today. Do you go second hand shopping at carboot sales for classic Warhammer books? If so, what was your best find?

Until next time,


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