A.B.C Warriors tribute art, part 4: General Black Blood in the style of Carlos Ezquerra

Drawing in Line Marker and Sharpies Black permanent marker pen.

Today’s post carries on my tribute art series, this time being one of my favourite A.B.C Warrior/ Volgan/ traitor, General Black Blood of the Straw Dogs.

I did this tribute artwork in the style of the late Carlos Ezquerra, who did some artwork for one of the A.B.C Warriors stories. Like many of his work Carlos’s is really talented at creating emotion and action in his own style without too much detail or complexity visually.

I’ve tried to recreate Black Blood in the style of Carlos Ezquerra, but it’s really difficult in practice to capture the look of Black Blood in that style.

Next up an A.B.C Warrior who’s been fighting since the Volgan war, the opposite side of Black Blood, a bot by the rules and born to fight, it can only be Hammerstein. But the question is, which artist inspiration will I use to recreate Hammerstein?



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