My final tribute to the Old World, a Bretonnia Project (part 2): Knights Errant

Today I have a unit of Knights Errant that I’ve been working on for the past few days. They are knights that are learning the ropes of becoming fully fledged knights, from learning to fight on their rounsey horses and to follow the laws of chivalry.

Bretonnia is known to have noble blood (or very privileged families) that join the Knights Errant in service to a Bretonnia lord ( and to one day become a Knight if the Realm, a Questing Knight or if luck blesses them a Holy Grail Knight).

Unlike most kingdoms under Bretonnia, my Knight house will be slightly different in the way it’s organised and function. Inspired by Ewart Oakshotts book, ‘A Knight and His Horse‘, my collection will be based on historical chivalry from roughly 1066 to 1400. With that, I’ll be using words that aren’t usually associated with Bretonnia and force organisation names/ranks, so I’ve listed below what these words mean for easy reading in future posts.

  • Destrier- Jousting Horse
  • Rounsey- none noble/ men-at-arms (also known as Sergeants) horses for war
  • Jeannette- noble horse breed for royal ladies (damsel)
  • Valet- a noble born as a Knight Errant
  • Men-at-arms Knights- peasants/average lowborn who has proven their skills to join his Lords military by showing their worth In jousting matches

The worthy flock of Caistornor (Knights Errant of men-at-arms)


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