With the announcement of Battletome Skaven being on preorder last week, I thought it was about time I got back into painting my Skaven collection in time for the new release this weekend. I’ve got a few units now ready for painting including four new kitbashed hero’s, two kitbashed battleline units for Clan Skryre and Clan Pestilence and two Giant Rats.

This is my kitbashed version of a Grey Seer using parts from various Skaven kits and a Grimwraith Stalker model. I like to imagine the Grey Seer is leaping from the broken masonry as he begins to cast his foul spell.

Another kitbashed model this time being a WIP Plague Priest with Warpstone tipped staff, and extra limbs to wave his bell and book of plagues. Still WIP with painting this model, but I think it looks fantastic for a fun kitbash experiment.

This Plague Priest is just about done, my third one for Clan Pestilence!

I have no real desire to purchase the Carrion Empire box set as Ā£95 seems too much for my liking, so I kitbashed my own Warlock Bombadire! I’m already loving this kitbash because it looks so ridiculous with the ott wargear, but also really cool in the way the Warlock looks menacing with that big rocket he’s firing.

A Warlock Engineer with a Renaissance flare with his boisterous wargear and swagger that some Skaven will find ‘Alien’ to see. But this little schemer cares not for his underlings, for he’d use them as test subjects for his many mad and demising experiments for his critics!

My maddest kitbashing yet, my very own Poison Wind Globadiers, who look like knock off mini Big Daddies from Bioshock. They look silly I know but I didn’t have much spare bitz to make good gas masks, so I used spare Armiger Imperial Knight heads as head gear. Saves me money from having to buy the Finecast versions…..

Finally there’s the kitbashed Plague Censer bearers, looking mad with devotion to a greater cause for their deity. I’ve also found two more Giant Rats which I’ll be adding to my Giant Rat horde (30x in total).

I’ll have more update posts coming up this week for when I’ve finished painting each unit. I’ve also got a post coming up on what I’ll be using for my Skaven army lists.

Until next time!


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