Warhammer Pub Quiz book

Did you know, Black Library released two official quiz books for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k?

Neither did I!

Way before my time, back in 2007 BL released two quiz books full of questions, puzzles and other factual games. The main chunk of this book has questions for every faction/ race from easy to hardcore lore.

I found this by chance at a second hand book store, which had a few Warhammer books (mostly fantasy) but very few. Out of the selection were three pretty unique ones including this quite book, an Empire pirate book (I forgot the name!) and the limited print of Phil Kelly’s novel, Dreadfleet.

Out of the three, this book caught my attention as unlike the rest which are available as ebooks, this one hasn’t been reprinted since first publication.

Anyways, that’ll be all since there’s not much to say about a quiz book, but I’d thought I’d share this discovery today.

Until next time!


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