The Blight-stuff

Last night I’ve been continuing my side project painting on my Nurgle-corrupted Iron Warriors. Now that I’m halfway through the project, the models are looking ever closer to the iconic look of the Iron Warriors.

I’ve completed my first model last night, the Foetid Blight drone.

I’m really impressed with the finished look of the model, a mix of decay, disease, Iron and fear that combines Iron Warriors with Nurgles blessing. The model shows the pain and suffering this a abomination has to go through, it’s sickness is clear to see with it’s decaying skin and red raw eye.

My Plague Marines are shaping up well through the progress of painting, still needs a few more details before I can finish them. Every day they’re looking closer to Iron Warriors with each layer of painting. I’m pleased that I’ve chosen to do the Iron Warrior theme, rather than just the generic green Deathguard livery.

Finally the leader of the collection, the Lord of Contagion.

There’s still work to be done for my HQ model, but even he’s looking better each day! I’m still unsure wether I should do the yellow and black chevron lines for the marines, it would look extra special to tie in the Iron Warrior theme.

That’s all for today. I’ll be doing more work tonight getting the Plague marine unit finished and getting the lord of Contagion done as well.

Until next time!



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