It only seemed like yesterday when I started my new year project in February, Grymthenian Lodge Fyreslayers, looking back it’s surprising how much work I’ve done since then. From Chaos Tainted Knights to spectral Nighthaunt, I’ve tried to experiment more with colours and hobby work.

With 2018 drawing to a close, I decided to pick my top ten favourite posts of 2018 (not in order of favouritism) that I’ve done. I’ve included links to each post so you can see my greatest triumphs and weaknesses through this year. Enjoy!

1. Grymthenian lodge (Fyreslayers)

Starting off with my first big project, the Grymthenian Lodge, a new army I started early in the year using the ‘Start Collecting!’ Box set as my starting point. The journey was an exciting challenge of trying out new techniques with painting, I really wanted to make a stunning display for this collection.

Painting the Magamadroth was inspired by White Dwarf coverage on the model and Yourube vids by JobbytheHong, his Kiju toy review videos gave me a rough idea on how to make a giant lizard look more scary.

If your considering starting a new army next year and need inspiration, I’d recommend seeing this post!

2. 4th edition Dark Elves

I’ve been in the hobby for nearly a decade now starting with the Dark Elves, so when I found 4th edition supplement of the faction, it was like full circle. I haven’t felt that excited about the Dark Elves since I first started collecting them back in 2009, that feeling of discovering new info on the factions lore and history.

This wouldn’t be the last, as I discovered more classic Warhammer items this year, but this one tops them all as my favourite find.

3. Old WD and BT Codex

Another finding in a car-boot sale this time being the Black Templars Codex. After months of not working on my Black Templars Collection, this book came along and gave me more info on the chapter to inspire me.

I also found some old White Dwarf magazines from late 90’s to early 2000’s, including the well renowned 13th Black Crusade world wide campaign issue. I always like looking back on old White Dwarfs as they inspire me to paint and build models, it’s like a false nostalgia for me.

4. Sacrosanct Chamber Collection finale

From Summer to Autumn, I did my final AoS army collections pitting the Sacrosanct Chamber of the Anvils of Heldenhammer against Pharus Thaum’s Nighthaunt. Inspired by the novel Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds, I wanted to recreate the first battle between Lord Arcanum Balthas and Pharus Thaum.

This series was a fun project to do, learning new painting skills along the way and making a final send off to my fantasy army collection days (I’ll explain why in a future blog post). I even got the confidence to show my work to Josh Reynolds, and he even shared it on Twitter! I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I wasn’t blogging today, so having the confidence to show my collection was an improvement to my self esteem.

5. Primaris Emperors Children

What was meant to be a Chaos Knight collection instead became a perfect collection (pardon my excessive ego “cough”), the Emperors Children mini project was an uplifting experience. Everything’s just about came together really, ideas came out with funky looking marines from Noise Marines, to Raptors and a sick badass Chaos Lord.

Whilst Primaris marines are a mixed bag to many, but they do however open up opportunities to experiment true scale Space marine projects! Heck, I might even do a Primaris mini project in the near future 😉.

6. Summer of painting final

This summer was a very productive one from all collections and mini projects, from Bad Moon Orks to Black Templars and so on. I wanted to push myself to get as much done in the summer before going back into study work, and my hard efforts have paid off well!

This post is my proudest achievement this year for not only getting new models painted in a short space of time, but also getting long overdue backlog models done too. It’s a relief to finally open some space in my unused box of models, and add them to existing collections.

7. Painting Sevatar (Nightlords Legion)

Having dreamed of one day getting my first Forge World kit, I would get the opportunity to finally have one this year, choosing HH character series: Sevatar as my first model. I took with this model, preparing it by watching the wise resin master YouTuber, LeakyCheese, to ensure the model was ready for painting.

The final results was pretty gobsmacking! I had no idea resin would look really crisp once paint was added, just the sheer details of sculpt was spectacular. I’m no E’avy metal painter by a long stretch in comparison, but I will say that I think this is one of my best painted models of this year and current my best miniature I’ve painted so far.

8. Warhammer World

I never thought I’d be able to see Warhammer World again (the family aren’t keen about going there which is understandable), but this year I had the chance to go back and see it again. Last time I went it had one long exhibition room with all the classic models on display, but now it’s several rooms full of amazing displays.

The whole place has changed now, including a bigger shop, a whole BL corner and a Forge World store. It’s worth going to Forge World now that it’s expanded, I almost didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.

I’ll let the link below explain how it all went as I’d be monologging too much if I carry on.

9. The Bad Moons

An ambitious three month project of mine was to build my first Xenos army as a playable Patrol detachment, so I’ve chosen the Orks as my new army project. I wanted to challenge myself with painting this army to add some difficulty, so I went for the Bad Moons Tribe as yellow never worked for me before.

This series at the end had two outcomes, one being that this was the fastest (surprising since no Red was painted for the tribe) army I’ve painted, only taking three to four months to finish. On the other outcome, my dog sadly passed away during the time I was working on this project. So in honour of my dogs memory, this collection was dedicated to him and the life he lived.


So that ends my highlights of 2018! I’ve done so much this year getting a variety of projects started and finished, at least this year I’ve achieved at least two finished projects that started on the same year.

I’m hoping 2019 will be my finest work yet to out beat this year, I’m going to work harder at getting my older projects progressed towards the end. I want to also move away from bigger projects and start smaller ones that won’t consume too much of my time.

So I hope you have enjoyed this post, I hope to see you guys next year for mor…………………………………………………………………..[GRIM][GRIM][GRIM]……………JOIN-THE-GRIM………………………. . The day of Grim approaches. By the will of Huston Ferren, join us on the eve of new year as a new era dawns.

Project New Grim will be revealed on Monday 31st December!

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