A new year, a new project, a new blog series and my final 40k army collection series.

The end is near, but the Crimson Fists will sacrifice all to ensure mankind lives another day. From near extinction, Pedro Kantor led his few remaining brothers from the ashes of defeat in an all out final last stand at Rynn’s World.

Even against all odds, the sons of Dorn fought with valour and fortitude to retake their world from the Orks. Though after the aftermath they are a fragment of their once full military might, the Crimson Fists yet live to purge the Xenos scum for the Emperor.

Now, after the opening of the Cicatrix Maladictum and the Indomitus Crusade’s end, the Blood on their fists will bleed crimson once more!

Coming soon in 2019…….

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