12 days of winter 2018

Time does fly past when you aren’t looking, I swear that clock with the steam powered aeropropellers was on my desk a minute ago…..

Steve Forsy, Engineer of some guild not worth mentioning

It’s that time of year again (sigh) when the adverts buzz about Christmas, shop decorated early to draw you in to spend your cash and singing, god the constant singing of Christmas!

This year I’m working hard on my second ’12 days of Winter’ where I post festive stuff everyday until the big day. Last year was a monumental task of getting stuff posted on the blog, I learnt my mistakes from last year! So this month I’m working hard to make my twelve posts early, with the same heretical love as a cultist workers tea part.

I’ll also be making this years thumbnail image festive like I did last year, I wanted try something different this year by going ‘greenskin’. Here’s what this years thumbnail will be!Good old Saint Grobnob is ready to share the joy of Christmas, with his Cycle powered-inferno-combustion-scrappa-junk-skip pulled by the Grot community. Old Grobnob will be sure to deliver presents, stocking will including one of a variety of Squigs.

So what will be in this years calander by yours truly? Well I can’t spoil the surprise, instead I’ll hint some clue for each of the days.

  • 1st day- Astroman
  • 2nd day- snow
  • 3rd day- The sea green armour
  • 4th day- names of pen writers
  • 5th day- Moon with the same name as the planet
  • 6th day- red sun
  • 7th day- Old book of Old World
  • 8th day- He is the law of paper
  • 9th day- inspiration by synthwave
  • 10th day- Soul the finale
  • 11th day- day off (jk), novella
  • 12th day- Grim

And there’s all the clues I’ll be spilling, silly I know, but I’m interested to see what guesses are for each clue.

With that, I wish you guys a merry *Christmas and I hope you’ll join me for my twelve day countdown of 2018.


(*I think it’s too early for Australia as they celebrate it later?)

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