Clan Skelnix emerges: Plague Monks

Today I have unit of Plague Monks painted after many days of batch painting, and many refills of water. It’s not a fun process painting block infantry units especially if their the rat kind who would most likely need 40x models. But, I will admit it’s a good feeling to finally get this lot painted after two years of neglect.

I wanted to try something different with my unit of Plague Monks by painting their clothing black, to create contrast between the Clanrats and the Monks. Whilst Clan Skelnix’ Verminous horde are bred from uncontaminated stock (apart from a chunk that worship the Pestilence), the Plague Monks are notable for their bruised purple skin that’s riddled with toxic diseases. I wanted to show how joining Pestilence will change the look of the Skaven in Clan Skelnix, but retain their volcanic red fur that marks the Clan.

With the Plague monks painted, I’ve gathered all of my Clan a Pestilence models to see how far progress is going. 20x Plague Monks, a Verminlord Corrupter and a Plague Priest.

So far I have amassed a total of 500pt (GBH 2018) about half way towards my goal of 1,000pt list. Thankfully since the ‘Start Collecting! Clan Pestilence‘ set is est around 480pt, it’ll cover the other half of my list as well as being a great money saver!

As you can see in the photo above, I have a unit of unpainted models of kitbashed Plague Censer Bearers. I made mine using spare Clanrats (none armoured ones) and censer ball option from the Plague Monks kit, this is an easier alternative for those who don’t like working with resin. It’ll cost roughly around £40 which isn’t cheap, but if your aiming for a Pestilence faction only, you’ll be saving a lot of money for two battleline units. Also considering the fact that GW kit of five Plague censer Bearers costs £20, it’s better to just build your own using Clanrats.

I’ll be working on these guys next using the same colour scheme as my Plague Monks.

Also on the pipeline is my kitbashed Warlock Engineer which was built as a ‘renaissance’ inventor, wielding his warpstone powered pistol and his electro halberd.

With that, I’m going back to paint some more Skaven and say my blessings to the Great Horned Rat.



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